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University City, Missouri: Its People and EventsPlat Book of St. Louis County, Missouri, 1909

Pitzman's 1878 Atlas of St. Louis, Missouri
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Pitzman's 1878 Atlas of St. Louis, Missouri

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This Atlas has been faithfully reproduced from an original copy in the possession of the St. Louis Genealogical Society. In the back of this document is an index of all the names of the landowners of property that are inscribed on the map. Every effort has been made to accurately transcribe the more than 7,500 names of landowners identified on the pages of the maps. Despite our diligence at both the transcription and the proofreading, undoubtedly errors do exist. In a few instances the print was so small that even by using the original worn document, some names were unidentifiable. In cases of doubt for the entire name, the transcriber denoted the uncertainty with a question mark following the entry. In cases of a portion of a name that was indecipherable, an ellipsis (…) was used to denote the missing characters. A special thanks goes to the Missouri Historical Society for providing a few of the pages in the Atlas that in our copy were not suitable for reproduction.

Many names of landowners appear on more than one page of the map. In those cases the index simply reflects the multiple page numbers. However, it is often the case that similar names appear, even on the same page. No editorial liberties were taken, and, even in the cases of some apparent mistakes on the part of the original inscriber, all variations were indexed.

There is no logical explanation for the page numbering of the original atlas. As seen on the “Index Page” of the original map, the atlas starts on pages 6 and 7, jumps to pages 10 and 11, then 13, 16 and 17, 20 and then 21. From that point on there are only odd numbered pages up to page 77. In all, there are actually only 35 pages in the complete atlas (five of them being oversized pages). The project team, whose names are listed below, did this work in 1997.

Original Project Team: Dave Lossos, Project Coordinator Ann Carter Fleming, CGRS, President Ralph Huther, Publications Chairman

Initial Transcribers: Jodi Anderson, Janeen Berndt, Phyllis Cline, John Forti, Lissa Klein, Dave Lossos, Dick Malecek, Joyce Mercer, Pat Obrist, Milan Paddock, Pat Paige, Pat Payton, Pam Porter, Judy Schreiber, Barb Williamson, Mary Lou Wright

In 2005, the book was scanned into Adobe® Portable Document Files on this CD. The indexes were transcribed to allow them to be searched. The names and businesses in the “Patrons’ Business Directory” (pages 75–77) were also transcribed and indexed at this time.

2005 Project Team: Project Coordinator: Don Eckert, Index Project Leader: Bob Emnett, Workflow Coordinators: Rosemary Emnett and Skip Rogers, Creator of the CD files: Alan Rogg, Creator of the CD insert and label: Ilene Murray, StLGS president: Ted Steele

Index Transcribers: Bob Emnett, Rosemary Emnett, Ed Dolata, Margie Giblin, Jeanne Long, Bill Mason, Barbara McLean, Sharon Orf, Pat Payton, Tom Robertsen, Cheryl Robinson, Skip Rogers, Mary Ryan, Kathy Schroer, Shirley Schuldt. 

A printer friendly version of this description is also available.

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