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Abbott, B. F. First Methodist Episcopal Methodist 1904-Unknown
Abbott, B. F. Union Memorial United Methodist Methodist 1908–1939
Abele, Ralph C. Holy Ghost Evangelical United Church of Christ 1931-1964
Abernathy, G. Robert Fee Fee Baptist Baptist 1941-1942
Abramowitz, Bernard D. Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol Jewish 1905-1920
Achenbach, W. St. Trinity Lutheran Lutheran 1883-1897
Achilles, Rev. St. Paul's Lutheran Lutheran 1873-1876
Achuff, W. D. Lewis Memorial Chapel Methodist 1935–1936
Achuff, W. D. Manchester United Methodist Methodist 1935
Acker, M. A. H. St. Francis de Sales Catholic Roman Catholic 1885-1886
Acmal, Francis Jesuit Roman Catholic 1859-1861
Adair, Robert C. Marvin Park United Methodist Methodist 1926-1928
Adams, F. Grace Chapel Lutheran Lutheran 1889-1891
Adams, Jack Union-In-St. Louis United Methodist Methodist 1973–1982
Adams, Jack L. Union Methodist Methodist 1973–1982
Adrian, Herman G. Holy Trinity Catholic Roman Catholic 1896-1900
Aelen, Herman St. Francis Xavier Catholic Roman Catholic 1844-1847
Aenry, James St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Roman Catholic 1870
Aitch, George First Baptist Church of Ballwin Baptist 1972-1977
Albers, Francis St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Roman Catholic 1895-1900

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