Free Negroes Licensed in St. Louis in 1835
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Free Negroes Licensed in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1835

The St. Louis County Court was founded in 1824, three years after Missouri became a state. For the first fifty years this administrative court included both St. Louis City and County. Beginning in 1835, the court granted licenses to free negroes to allow them to live in the state. These specific records included each free negro’s age, height, personal appearance, and occupation—a relative gold mine! They also list those free negroes not granted licenses.

The following names have been extracted from the St. Louis County Court Records, Volume 1. In extracting this information, every attempt has been made to copy the information exactly as it appears on the film. These records are available at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters, Special Collections Department, on microfilm roll SLCCR-2, Vol. 1. The first six rolls of this series, volumes 1–23 (1824–1877), are a typed transcription of the original records, plus indexing, prepared by the WPA.

Christine Human Hughes originally contributed this material to appear in the Fall 2005 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 38, No. 3, pages 73-82.

Showing records 1 to 20 of 145.

NameSurnameGiven NameAgeHeightPersonal AppearanceOccupationPage
Alexander, Catherine Alexander Catherine 54 5'4 Black Woman very corpulent without teeth in front very flat nose Cook 460
Allar, Baptiste Allar Baptiste 31yrs, 11mos, 3dys 5'11 Black man with a long face and thick lips Laborer 464
Anderson, Cloe Anderson Cloe 47yrs, 10mos, 19dys 5'5 Slim Black Woman Washerwoman 464
Anderson, Jane Anderson Jane 41 5'4 Light Black woman strong built Milk maid 459
Anderson, Mary Anderson Mary 25 5'1 Black Woman of good appearance Washerwoman 460
Applebay, Janes Applebay Janes 24 5'5 Black Woman with thick lips Seamstress 461
Arnold, Sancho Arnold Sancho 57 5'4 Light Blk man with a flat long head Drayman 459
Aubuchon, Adelaide Aubuchon Adelaide 54 5'2 Light Mulatto woman with black eyes Washer woman 460
Aubuchon, Aurore Aubuchon Aurore 38 5'5 Dark Mulatto woman of Good appearance Seamstress 460
Aubuchon, Clarice Aubuchon Clarice 42 5'7 Light mulatto woman with black eyes Seamstress 460
Aubuchon, Edward Aubuchon Edward 23 6' Rather dark mulatto man with thick lips Boat hand 462
Aubuchon, Zabette Aubuchon Zabette 50 5'4 Dark Mulatto woman of good appearance Washer woman 460
Ball, Mingo Ball Mingo 36 5'7 Black man, with a flat nose, stout built Drayman 462
Beauvais, Judith Beauvais Judith 34 5'4 light mulatto woman with a freckled face Wash. woman 459
Beckwith, Matilda Beckwith Matilda 30 5'6 very light mulatto woman well made Washerwoman 460
Benite, Felicite Benite Felicite 29 5'7 Light mulatto woman with regular features Seamstress 460
Bent, Mary Jane Bent Mary Jane 21 5'1 Light Black woman with a scar on her forehead and on her right brow Chambermaid 463
Bernier, Anthony Bernier Anthony 21 5'6 light mulatto man Barber 457
Bertrand, Matilda Bertrand Matilda 40 5'3 Light Mulatto woman well made Wash. woman 460
Bird, Delcey Bird Delcey 30 5'6 Black Woman with Large Nose & Thick Lips Chambermaid 461

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