Sacred Heart Catholic Church First Parishioners, 1867-1869
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Sacred Heart Catholic Church, First Parishioners, 1867-1869

Sacred Heart Church, the German based Catholic Church in Florissant, was formed in 1867–1869. This index provides the names of the first parishioners of that church.

Catholic Church records are available at St. Louis County Library, Special Collections.

Marge Mastroianni contributed this list when it was first published in the 1997 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 30, number 2, page 76.

Sacred Heart Church, Florissant, Missouri
First Parishioners, 1867-1869

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SurnameMale GivenFemale Given
Albers John Margaret
Arena John Mary
Behlmann Henry Mary
Berkemeier John Elizabeth
Bockrath Henry Elizabeth
Brockling Bernard Mary
Derhake Herman Elizabeth
Dietz Francis Mary
Dietz Charles Elizabeth
Ecker Fredrick Elizabeth
Feldman William Ann
Fink Peter Regina
Gerbes John Mary
Gerling Henry Mary
Gettemeier Francis Gertrude
Goldbeck Gerhard Mary Ann
Graverman Francis Margaret
Hackmeister Herman
Henke John Adeline
Henke Bernard Angela

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