Marriage Contracts, 1764-1854
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Marriage Contracts, 1764–1854

An early marriage contract in St Louis provides a wealth of genealogical information about the bride and groom. The early contracts dating from 1764 to 1804 were often recorded in the deed books rather than the marriage registers. The contracts may be several pages. From 1804 to 1854, the contracts were usually recorded in the marriage books.

The deed book may provide the document in the original French or Spanish language. The city record’s office had the documents translated into English in the same book. The documents are extensive, usually listing the names of the parents, property settlements, heirs, and personal items.

This index lists the name of the bride and groom plus the book and page number of the recorded document.

Dorothy Amburgey Griffith and the St. Louis Genealogical Society marriage committee volunteers compiled the original list when it first appeared in the 1972 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 5, number 1, pages 27–28, and volume 5, number 2, page 53.

St. Louis Marriage Contracts Index, 1764-1854

Showing records 1 to 20 of 307.

Groom NameBride NameBookPageYearNotes
Abeln, John H. Steinweg, Bernhardine 6 363 1854
Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephine 3 192
Assmann, Dr. F. W. Koch, Lucy A. 5 538 1852
Barada, Antoine Honore, Elizab. Tesson 3 48
Barada, Louis Becquet, Marie 3 177
Barada, Peter D. Delor, Adaline 5 431 1852
Barclay, David R. Hill, Mary M. 6 400 1854 Bride maiden name may be Shepherd
Barclay, David R. Shepherd, Mary M. 6 400 1854
Barrere, Francois Palle, Marie Genevieve 4 217
Barsalou, Nicholas Lepage, Magdalene 3 127
Baudoin, Louis Honore, Marie Tesson 3 7
Bayer, Edward R. Burton, Johanna 6 418 1854
Becquet, Gabriel St. Francois, Marie L. 3 189
Behr, Frederick Kennedy, Mary Ann 3 479 1848
Bellan, Jno. Baptiste Pelletier, Catherine L. 3 4
Bellissime, Alexdr. Moriseau, Marie Josepha 3 49
Beneke, Augustus Leseur, Octavia 5 435 1852
Benoit, Francois M. Sanguinet, Marie C. 1 32
Berger, Pierre Maillet, Josette 3 67 Bride maiden name may be Mayer
Berger, Pierre Maillet, Josette 3 67 See Berger/Maillet

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