Rock Hill Presbyterian Deaths, 1845-1890
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Rock Hill Presbyterian Deaths, 1845-1890

Rock Hill Presbyterian had a cemetery near the church in Rock Hill, St. Louis County, and this index provides the name of the deceased and their dates of death. However, after the Civil War, the cemetery disappeared when some of the bodies were moved to Oak Hill Cemetery, now Forever Oak Hill in Kirkwood, St. Louis County.

St. Louis Genealogical Society volunteer, Alena Chance Jablonsky, transcribed this information from the hand-written session minutes for publication in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 4, pages 118–119.


Deaths of Rock Hill Presbyterian Church, 1845-1890

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Armstrong, Anna E. 30 Oct 1871
Armstrong, Clinton 8 Mar 1853
Armstrong, Clinton, Jr. Aug 1894
Armstrong, Elmer Ellsworth 24 Mar 1862 Inf. of J.R. & A.
Armstrong, Frederick 3 Nov 1880
Armstrong, Julia H. 19 Aug 1868
Armstrong, Lucy 3 Nov 1880 Wife of Clinton
Armstrong, Lucy B. 6 Apr 1876
Armstrong, Martha P. May 1872
Armstrong, Stokeley 31 Aug 1860
Armstrong, William 1858
Bacon, James H. 16 Jul 1859
Barnard, Edwin H. Jan 1886
Bowers, Frederick Aug 1869
Brown, Wm. H., Dr. 1858
Connon, Lucy Ann, Mrs. 1861
Dashiel, Mary M., Mrs. May 1856
Fyler, Clarissa 14 Jan 1863 Wife of Col.
Gibson, Jane, Mrs. 15 Feb 1861
Gibson, Margaret H. 11 Apr 1861

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