Baptisms in St. John's Lutheran Church, St. Louis, 1865-1930
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Baptisms in St. John's Lutheran Church, St. Louis,1865-1930

Baptisms at St. John’s Lutheran Church, located at 3738 Morganford Road, provide the names of the parents, including the mother’s maiden name, the name of the child, with the birth and baptismal date.

Lanette S. Russell transcribed and contributed this information for publication starting in the 1992 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 25, continuing for several years for baptisms through 1900. She then picked up this list again in Quarterly publications in 2004 and 2005 to expand the original date range.

In mainly the later work, the pastor was specified. They are indicated in the beginning of Notes field with a code in parentheses.

Showing records 1 to 20 of 1912.

Father Name Birthdate Baptism Date Child Name Sponsor(s)
Mother Name Notes
[unk], [unk] 14 Aug 1891 31 Jan 1914
Bruce, Hattie (B1); Parent address 2400 S. Broadway; Adult
Bruce, Hattie 31 Jan 1914 31 Jan 1914
Trutsch, Ida (B1); Parent address 3449 Winnebago St.
[unk], [unk] 20 Mar 1892 24 Mar 1892 Wolter, Elisabeth Wolter, Heinrich
Wolter, Louise (N); No father's name provided
[unk], [unk] 23 Dec 1905 31 Mar 1925 Hildbrandt, Dorothy A., Mrs.
[unk], [unk] (B1); Adult; birthdate given as ""3
[unk], [unk] 31 Mar 1925 Bay, Emma, Mrs.
[unk], [unk] (B1); Adult
[unk], [unk] 3 Feb 1926 Frankie, Frank
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 23 Jan 1909 26 Jul 1926 Mueller, Kate Grace
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 5 Oct 1915 4 Mar 1927 Hauseu, Elsie Marie
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 3 Apr 1912 31 Mar 1927 Tucker, Dolores Ellen
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 29 Feb 1904 26 Mar 1929 Hildebrandt, Loraine
[unk], [unk] (N); Adult
[unk], [unk] 6 Apr 1930
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 6 Apr 1930
[unk], [unk] (H3); Adult
[unk], [unk] 22 Sep 1895 8 Dec 1895 Geitz, Jakob Geitz, Maria Oser, Louise
Geitz, Katy (N); Father's name recorded as question mark
[unk], [unk] 31 May 1900 17 Jun 1900 Doering, Emma Ulrich, Heinrich Wolters, Heinrich, Sr.
Wolters, Anna (N); Father's name recorded as question mark
Adams, Albert 4 Mar 1897 27 Mar 1897 Mueller, Johanna Roberts, Wilhelm
Roberts, Emma (N); Sponsor Mueller is Müller
Ahlborn, Louis 14 Nov 1867 25 Dec 1867
[unk], Caroline (N); Guest baptism
Ahrens, Louis 27 Sep 1881 8 Nov 1881 Ahrens, Carl Bechtold, Caroline Bechtold, Georg Rooke, Louise
Barthel, Katharina (N); Sponsor Caroline Bechtold for Louise Rooke.
Ahrens, Louis 4 Sep 1876 3 Dec 1876 Beck, Louise Grobe, Johann Koennker, Wilhelm
Koennker, Wilhelmine (N); Mother and sponsor Koennker are Könnker
Albus, Heinrich 3 Jun 1904 26 Jun 1904 Boettcher, Christian Albus, Minna Boettcher, Martha
Boettcher, Carolina (B1)
Albus, Heinrich 20 Oct 1911 12 Nov 1911 Schmidt, Helena Rotten, Elisabeth Boettcher, Heinrich
Boettcher, Carolina (B1)

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