Earliest Registers of First Catholic Church in St. Louis
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Earliest Registers of First Catholic Church in St. Louis

The Catholics established the first church in St. Louis and it was the center of religious activity for the small village. Today that church is the Basilica of St. Louis, King of France, commonly known as the Old Cathedral, and sits near the Mississippi River in the shadow of the Gateway Arch.

Young families brought their infants to the church for baptism. These important records record the family unit, the date of baptism or birth, their life in St. Louis, and often the mother’s maiden name.

The birth date is listed in most cases; otherwise, the baptismal is provided. The 'yes' in the Carondelt Church column indicates the record was recorded at the Catholic Church in Carondelet.

The St. Louis Archdiocese records are available on microfilm at St. Louis County Library Special Collections department or at the Family History Library. To locate a record, it is necessary to know the name of the church and the approximate date of the event.

This record first appeared as a series starting in the 1970 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 3, number 1, pages 6–8.

Showing records 1 to 20 of 1729.

NameFather NameMother NameBirthdateBaptism DateCarondelet ChurchNotes
Alvarez, Auguste Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephe 8 Jan 1797
Alvarez, Elizabeth Alvarez, Augustin Latresse, Brigite 24 Feb 1831
Alvarez, Emanuel Gregoire Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephe 7 Nov 1794
Alvarez, Eugene Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephe 19 Sep 1791
Alvarez, Eugenie Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephe 24 Apr 1799
Alvarez, Marguerite Alvarez, Augustin Latresse, Brigite 14 Feb 1828
Alvarez, Marie Alvarez, Manuel Verger, Aspasie 28 Oct 1819
Alvarez, Marie Alvarez, Augustin Latresse, Brigite 28 May 1824
Alvarez, Marie Louise Alvarez, Eugene Crepeau, Josephe 22 May 1800
Alvarez, Melanie Alvarez, Augustin Latresse, Brigite 27 Oct 1825
Amelin, Alexis Amelin, Alexis Lapensee, Margaret 20 May 1820
Amelin, Marie Amelin, Alexis Lapensee, Margaret 20 Feb 1821
Ames, Benjamin Ames, Michael Smith, Elizabeth 10 Nov 1794
Ardouin, Angelique Ardouin, Etienne Lapointe, Josette 23 Apr 1778
Aubuchon, Aurelie Datchurut, Aurora 10 Apr 1826 Aurelie-colored
Aubuchon, Gregoire Aubuchon, Joseph Kiercereau, Marie 28 Nov 1798
Aubuchon, Jean Baptiste Aubuchon, Gabriel Thibault, Marie 6 Sep 1798
Aubuchon, Joseph Aubuchon, Joseph Kiercereau, Marie 9 Mar 1795
Aubuchon, Louis Aubuchon, Adelaide 23 Sep 1804 Adelaide-free mulatto
Aubuchon, Marie Aubuchon, Pierre Flore, Celeste 28 Apr 1825

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