St. Louis County Pensioners, 1883
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St. Louis County Pensioners, 1883

The “List of Missouri Pensioners on Roll” contains the names of pensioners who lived in St. Louis City and County in 1883.

This information was published in the 1998 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 31, number 2, page 54.

St. Louis County Pensioners - 1883

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Beale, John Eureka Surv. 1812
Earls, James C. Eureka Chronic diarrhea
Jones, Malinda Manchester Widow, 1812
Kirk, Charles H. Eureka Disease of heart
Marks, Benjamin Fox Creek Wound right hand
Null, Jonathan Eureka Gun shot wound 1 leg
Radacke, Louis Manchester Loss 1 arm above elbow
Singer, William B. Bartold Valley Gun shot wound 1 arm

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