Misplaced Vital Records
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Misplaced Vital Records

The St. Louis City Hall marriage records occasionally contain data on births, baptisms, and deaths. The marriage book and page number is included, along with the name, and date of the event. If the event is a birth or baptism, the parents are included.

While working on the St. Louis Marriage Index, Ed Mochel transcribed this information and contributed the data for publication in the 1998 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 31, number 2, pages 59–61.

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12-228 11 Apr 1863 Kenead Georg Schmidt, born 11 April 1863, P-Georg & Margareth Schmidt, baptized 20 Sept 1863, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. Schmidt, Georg Schmidt, Kenead Georg Schmidt, Margareth
12-281 24 Mar 1850 Margaretha Dahrmann, born 24 March 1850, F-John Dahrmann, M-Katharina Mary Beunkhorst, baptized 28 March 1850, Lutheran Min., Pettis Co., Missouri. Beunkhorst, Katharina Mary Dahrmann, John Dahrmann, Margaretha
12-301 28 Jul 1863 John Reis, born 16 October 1857, and Bernard Reis, born 28 July 1863, sons of Sebastian and Rufina Reis, were baptized on 2 August 1863, St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Reis, Bernard Reis, John Reis, Rufina Reis, Sebastian
12-324 4 Mar 1853 Mary Margareth Stein, daughter of John Stein & Theresa Klute, born 4th March 1853, baptized on the 11th of July 1858 in St. Mary's Church. Klute, Theresa Stein, John Stein, Mary Margareth
12-325 24 Nov 1858 Bertha and Emma Steimel, twins, were born on the 24th of November 1858, daughters of Rupert Steimel and Catherine Brunn and were baptized on the 26th of December 1858 at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Brunn, Catherine Steimel, Bertha Steimel, Emma Steimel, Rupert
12-325 15 Mar 1854 Francisca Steimel, daughter of Rupert Steimel and Catherine Brunn, born on 15 March 1854, was baptized on 17 April 1864 at St. Vincent's Church. Brunn, Catherine Steimel, Francisca Steimel, Rupert
12-325 27 Feb 1860 John Stein, son of John Stein and Theresa Klute, born on 27 February 1860, baptized on 15 December 1862 in St. Mary's Church. Klute, Theresa Stein, John Stein, John
12-325 21 Nov 1862 Veronica Stein, daughter of John Stein and Theresa Klute, born on 21 November 1862, and was baptized on 25 December 1862 in St. Mary's Church. Klute, Theresa Stein, Veronica Stein, John
12-325 Death of Bertha Steime, age 6 years, 2 months. Interred in Holy Trinity Cemetery. Steime, Bertha
12-328 8 May 1856 Baptisms of the children of Jacob Schmitter and Maria Elizabeth Bautscheger: Maria Ann Schmitter, born 8 May 1856, baptized 10 June 1856; Johannes Schmitter, born 22 April 1858, baptized 5 Aug 1858; Edward Schmitter, born 22 April 1860, baptized 31 March 1861. Bautscheger, Maria Elizabeth Schmitter, Jacob Schmitter, Maria Ann Schmitter, Johannes Schmitter, Edward
12-328 8 Nov 1858 Lizette Hoelscher, born 8 November 1858, baptized 28th of February 1859, daughter of Henry Hoelscher and his wife, Margarethe, nee Dauerheim. German Evangelican Church. Dauerheim, Margarethe Hoelscher, Lizette Hoelscher, Henry
12-328 18 Mar 1861 Louis Hoelscher, born 18 March 1861, baptized 5 May 1861, son of Henry Hoelscher and Margarethe, nee Dauernheim. German Evangelical Church. Dauernheim, Margarethe Hoelscher, Louis Hoelscher, Henry
12-329 7 Jun 1854 Marie Grene, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Grene, nee Stoll, born 7 June 1854, baptized 16 June 1854. Grene, Marie Grene, Sarah Grene, Thomas Stoll, Sarah
12-329 24 Jan 1853 Elizabeth Unger, born on the 24th of January 1853, baptized 25 June 1854, daughter of Franz Unger and Lizette Unger, nee Urich. Protestant Church. Unger, Elizabeth Unger, Franz Unger, Lizette Urich, Lizette
12-330 22 Feb 1860 Leonard Grene, son of Thomas Grene and Sarah Grene, nee Stoll, born 22 February 1860, baptized on the 26th of August 1860. Grene, Leonard Grene, Thomas Grene, Sarah Stoll, Sarah
12-330 22 Aug 1857 Thomas Grene, son of Thomas and Sarah Grene, nee Stoll, born 22 August 1857, baptized on the 8th of October 1857. St. Paul Protestant Church. Grene, Sarah Stoll, Sarah Grene, Thomas Grene, Thomas
12-334 3 Dec 1860 George Friederick Fry, born 3 December 1860, child of Herman Fry and Annie Lapio, baptized on the 26th of December 1860, at Xavier Church. Fry, George Friederick Lapio, Annie Fry, Herman
12-334 1 Sep 1855 Baptismal record of the children of Martin Gantert and Agnes Veimini: Margaret Gantert, born 1 September 1855, baptized 28th of October 1855; Joseph Gantert, born 13 April 1857, baptized on the 28th June 1857; Wilhelmine Gantert, born 3 March 1859, bapitzed 8 May 1859; William Gantert, born 18 July 1861, baptized 20 October 1861. Gantert, Joseph Gantert, Margaret Gantert, Martin Gantert, Wilhelmine Gantert, William Veimini, Agnes
12-339 18 Apr 1860 Mary Jane McVeigh, born on 18 April 1860, daughter of John and Mary McVeigh. John Robert McVeigh, born on 25 January 1862, son of John and Mary McVeigh McVeigh, John McVeigh, John Robert McVeigh, Mary McVeigh, Mary Jane
12-382 2 Nov 1852 The following children of Henry Herweck and his wife, Othilia, nee Boll, were baptized in the German Evangelical Church of St. Louis: Adam Herweck, born 2 November 1852, baptized on 25 February 1853; Anna Maria Elizabeth Herweck, born 13 May 1858, baptized 30 January 1859; John Herweck, born 30 November 1860, baptized on 31 November 1866. Boll, Othilia Herweck, Adam Herweck, Anna Maria Elizabeth Herweck, Henry Herweck, John Herweck, Othilia

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