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1776 St. Louis Census

Robert Parkin reconstructed a 1776 census of the twelve-year-old village of St. Louis at the time of the bicentennial. The reconstructed census indicates 1,297 men, women, and children were living in St. Louis. There were also 115 in the Catholic Church graveyard.

Records such as the Catholic Church register, militia rolls of 1780, and Spanish Archives, including Livres Terrien (land books) and civil marriage contracts, were used in compiling the file of original settlers as well as the 1776 census of St. Louis.

Robert Parkin contributed this index for publication in the 1986 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 9, number 1, pages 13–20.

Bicentennial 1776 (Reconstructed) Census of St. Louis

Showing records 1 to 20 of 1110.

Agnet, Guillaume Soldier [unk]
Aillot, Baltazar [unk]
Alarie, [unk] 1 St. Louis B. 2 Jun 1776, male
Alarie, Alexis Trader Illinois Country
Alarie, Marie [unk] Metive Sauvagesse
Alvarez, Eugenio 40 Soldier Spain
Alvarez, Francesco Soldier Spain
Amiot, Auguste 29 (b) Fur Trader [unk]
Andre, Jean Joseph 64 Soldier [unk]
Andre, Marie Louise 47 Wife [unk]
Andrea, Joseph 25 Illinois Country Surname given as ""Andrea (au)
Anis, Jacques Soldier [unk]
Ardouin, Charles Farmer France
Ardouin, Etienne Farmer France
Ardouin, Josephe 2 St. Louis
Ardouin, Marie Josephe Wife Canada
Ardouin, Marie Marguerite 1 St. Louis B. 2 Aug 1776
Audilier, Michael [unk]
Avignon, [unk] 58 [unk]
Baille, [unk] 7 New Orleans Stepdaughter

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