Irish Vital Records from Newspaper Files
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Irish Vital Records from Newspaper Files

Society volunteers extracted information on St. Louisans of Irish descent from local newspapers. In 1978, a list of such news items with vital record content was published. The articles were from the Missouri Gazette – Missouri Republican unless noted otherwise. The data is organized by the name of the principal person mentioned, but the other names mentioned in the item are extracted in a separate column.

This list was published in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 2, pages 39–43.

Irish Vital Records - 1819-1849

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Name Date News Item Other Name(s)
Barry, James 23 Jun 1847 Died 22nd inst. Emigrated to Missouri 1829. Administrators sale by William Tighe. (12 August 1847) Tighe, William
Burke , John 30 Apr 1846 Information wanted. A tailor of Kildaretown, Ireland, in the U.S. Army, thought to be in St. Louis. Brother Barrie inquiring. Burke, Barrie
Burkitt, James R. 29 Aug 1845 Native of Waterford, Ireland died at Carrollton, Green Co., IL. 23 August age 29.
Byrne, John 7 Jun 1848 A Policeman, died suddenly Monday 5 June 1848.
Callahan, Joseph J. 10 Apr 1847 Letters of Adminstration granted to John Darby on the 12th of August, 1846. Darby, John
Coffee, Henry 6 Mar 1848 Died in his 34th year. Funeral from the residence of Mr. Cuniffee, 6th and Wash. Cuniffee, Mr.
Corcoran, John 21 Sep 1848 Died 16th inst in his 55th year at his residence near the U.S. Arsenal. An old resident. (Letters of Adminstration granted to Catherine Corcoran on October 4th. (7 Oct 1848) Corcoran, Catherine
Crawley, James 20 Jun 1840 On the hospital list. Born in Ireland, age 35. Five years a resident of St. Louis, previously in Boston.
Crowly, John 26 Mar 1849 Son of John and Margaret died 21 March age 17 months and 26 days. Weekly Reveille Crowly, John Crowly, Margaret
Cruess, Mary 23 Feb 1842 Wife of Peter, died 21st inst. Interment, Episcopal Burying Ground. Cruess, Peter
Cuniffe, James Joseph 25 Nov 1844 Resident of this city died in New Orleans 26 October of yellow fever, age 21.
Cuniffe, Jerome O'Connel 29 May 1848 Native of Ireland died 28th inst age 10. Funeral from residence of his mother, 6th and Wash.
Donnally, Charles 2 Dec 1844 Of County Tyrone died Sunday 1st inst in his 32nd year. Funeral from his residence, 92 Mulberry St., to the Presbyterian Burying Ground.
Donoho, Francis 22 Jul 1847 Final settlement of Estate by Terrence Donoho Donoho, Terrence
Dowling, Patrick 9 Jul 1847 Letters of Administration granted to John Darby 19 March 1847 Darby, John
Doyle, Melania, Sister 24 Jun 1846 Died 23 June at the hospital . Native of West Meath.
Durack, J. H. 28 Sep 1846 Infant son of John and Ophelia died Friday age 11 monrths. Durack, John Durack, Ophelia
Dwyer, Catharine 7 May 1842 Granddaughter of Mr. William Dwyer, died at his residence on South 4th St. in her 10th year. Catholic Burying Ground. Dwyer, William
Finney, Mary Louise 8 Mar 1833 Daughter of W. Finney, died yesterday. Finney, W.
Finney, James 19 Jul 1844 Died yesterday. Funeral from residence of his brother Bernard, Spruce between 13th and 14th. Finney, Bernard

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