Repeal Association of the Friends of Ireland, 1842
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Repeal Association of the Friends of Ireland, 1842

On 10 May 1842 in St. Louis, the Missouri Republican reported a meeting of the Repeal Association of the Friends of Ireland. A list of those attending included 172 names, with the majority Irish born. The list includes the name and the county, and sometimes city, of birth in Ireland.

In 1978, St. Louis Genealogical Society volunteers compared this list with four resources:

1850 Census of St. Louis — C
St. Louis Marriage Index — M
1840–41 City Directory — D
Privately owned index to early newspaper records

Many names of the attendees were located in some of the four sources listed above; others, however, were not. A few non-Irish friends attended the meeting, and they are noted as well.

This list was published in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 2, pages 33-38.


Members of the Repeal Association of the Friends of Ireland

Showing records 1 to 20 of 297.

Bailey, George Derry C Carriage Maker
Baker, William West Meath CM
Bannon, John Longford C
Banon, John Town Drogheda C
Barry, James C. Cork CMD Chandler; CMD questioned
Batterbury, Thomas Cork
Begley, James Cork
Blennerhassett, R. S. Kerry C
Bowlin, John Sligo CM
Boyd, Dugold Roscommon Stonecutter
Boyle, Cornelius Donegal CM Grocer
Branagan, William Meath C Tailor or boarding house
Brannan, Francis Tyrone
Brannon, John Limerick CM
Breen, George Down
Brown, Peter Sligo C
Burgess, John Cavan C
Burke, John Tipperary CM
Burke, Martin Roscommon CM
Burke, Walter Tipperary

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