Germans to St. Louis aboard Bark Mississippi
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Germans to St. Louis

St. Louis was the destination for many German immigrants. Many ships departed from Bremen and arrived in New Orleans. The passengers then traveled up the Mississippi to St. Louis.

This is a partial list of the passengers on the bark, Mississippi, which arrived in New Orleans on 3 November 1856. The names, ages, and occupations of the passengers are listed, as well as the names of the villages or cities of origin.

Ed Mochel transcribed and contributed this information for publication in the 1999 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 32, number 2, page 62.

Germans to St. Louis Aboard the Bark, Mississippi—3 Nov 1856

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NamePass. No.SexAgeOccupationPlace of OriginNotes
Henrici, Rudolph 51 Male 36 Oldenburgh, Prussia
Henrici, Auguste 52 Female 33 Oldenburgh, Prussia
Duvell, Gesina 53 Female 25 Purmerent, Holland
Rudolph, Friedrich 54 Male 31 Landlord Osterode, Hannover
Rudolph, Emilie 55 Female 30 Osterode, Hannover
Rudolph, Minna 56 Female 2 Osterode, Hannover
Beckmann, Peter H 57 Male 16 Herford, Prussia
Pepmueller, Joh Hinr 58 Male 18 Farmer Herford, Prussia Surname Pepmueller is Pepmüller
Bergmeier, Joh Fr 59 Male 18 Cigar Maker Spenge, Prussia
Evert, Herm Heinr 60 Male 22 Farmer Egger, Prussia
Ilsebein, Anna 61 Female 32 Egger, Prussia
Ilsebein, Fr Wilh 62 Male 4 Egger, Prussia
Brokland, Aug 63 Male 17 Cooper Ebe, Hannover
Brokland, Anna Mr 64 Female 32 Ebe, Hannover
Brokland, Anna Mar 65 Female 6 Ebe, Hannover
Santmann, Wilhelm 66 Male 26 Farmer Ebe, Hannover
Steffen, Gertrud 67 Female 20 Glahn, Hannover
Schmidt, Johann 68 Male 45 Farmer Glahn, Hannover
Schmidt, Cathr 69 Female 21 Glahn, Hannover
Schmidt, Elise 70 Female 14 Glahn, Hannover

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