Names Mentioned in Records of Colored Marriages Performed by Herman Steines and Frederick W. Steines, J.P.s, 1865-1871
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Names Mentioned in Records of Colored Marriages Performed by Herman Steines and Frederick W. Steines, J.P.s, 1865-1871

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Adams, Aaron Ch/ Henry Adams
Adams, Amanda Ch/ Henry Adams
Adams, Esther Ch/ Henry Adams
Adams, Henry Charidow, Rebecca
Adams, Jane Ann Frances Ch/ Henry Adams
Adams, Mary M. Ch/ Henry Adams
Adams, Wyatt M. Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Bordeen about 5 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Buchanan about 19 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Caroline Brown, George about 21 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Hamilton about 23 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Jacob Johnson, Mahelia
Baily, Jacob about 12 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Lizzie Taylor, John about 25 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Louise about 14 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Melvina Cozzens, [unk] about 27 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Queen about 29 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Theodor about 3 Ch/ Henry Adams
Baily, Virginia Grant about 10 Ch/ Henry Adams
Brown, George Baily, Caroline
Charidow, Rebecca Adams, Henry
Cozzens, [unk] Baily, Melvina
Ford, Emilie Elizabeth Ch/ Winston Ford
Ford, James Jeremiah Ch/ Winston Ford
Ford, Mary Frances 12 Ch/ Winston Ford and first wife
Ford, Mathilda Frances Ch/ Winston Ford
Ford, Rowe Allen Ch/ Winston Ford
Ford, Winston Webster, Lydia
Hawkins, Ellen May Madison, Stapleton
Hawkins, Ellen Susanna about 1 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Hawkins, Eugene M. about 2 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Hawkins, George Washington about 18 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Hawkins, Margaret Ann about 10 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Hawkins, Norman Stannard, Rosa
Hawkins, Philander about 13 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Hawkins, William about 8 Ch/ Norman Hawkins
Jefferson, Frank Ch/ Frank Jefferson
Jefferson, Peter Ch/ Frank Jefferson
Jefferson, William Ch/ Frank Jefferson
Jefferson, Winston
Johnson, Mahelia
Madison, Alice Ch/ Stapleton Madison
Madison, Comador Ch/ Stapleton Madison
Madison, Stapleton
Minor, Clary Ann
Neal, Mary Ann
Stannard, Rosa
Taylor, John
Webster, Lydia
Williams, America Sherman about 8 Ch/ George Williams
Williams, George
Williams, George Wright about 5 Ch/ George Williams
Williams, Georgia Ellen about 10 Ch/ George Williams
Williams, Grant Buchanan about 3 Ch/ George Williams
Williams, Jacob Abraham about 6 mos Ch/ George Williams
Williams, Molly Ann about 15 Ch/ George Williams
Williams, Queen Victoria about 13 Ch/ George Williams

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