Funeral Home Records List
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Funeral Home Records List

Funeral Home Records

Most genealogists are familiar with cemetery records and probably use them as a regular source of information about their ancestors. But many genealogists may be less familiar with using funeral home records. While not every record will contain all of this data, the following list shows the kind of genealogical information that may be available in funeral home records:

  • Date of record

  • Name of deceased

  • Address

  • Charge to

  • Order given by

  • If veteran, name of war

  • Occupation

  • Employer

  • Marital status

  • Religion

  • Date of death

  • Cause of death

  • Date of birth

  • Place of death

  • Place of funeral

  • Name/birthplace of father

  • Name/birthplace of mother

  • Clergyman

  • Certifying physician

  • Burial Certificate No.

Other information on the funeral home document typically relates to the details of the casket or coffin, the transportation to the funeral site, and other details surrounding the burial as well as the costs of each of these services.

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Funeral HomeTime PeriodRecords Available
Fendler F.H. 1914–1921 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Gebken-Benz F.H. 1898–1970 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Hillerman F.H. 1951–2001 Paper StLGS
Hoffmeister (Broadway) 1884–1920 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Howard F.H. 1903–1975 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
J.B. Smith F.H. 1932–2000 Paper StLGS
McLaughlin F.H. 1917–1981 Microfilm StLGS
Mittelberg F.H. 1935–1979 Paper StLGS
Mittelberg Gerber F.H. 1972–1980 Microfilm StLGS
Parker F.H. 1906–1953 Paper StLGS
Parker-Aldrich F.H. 1906–1971 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Parker-Aldrich F.H. 1953–1977 Paper StLGS
Peetz F.H. 1905–1940 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Pitzinger F.H. 1946–2002 Paper StLGS
Roberts F.H. 1883–1952 Index only StLGS
Schrader F.H. 1898–1963 Paper StLGS
Schumaker F.H. 1905–1923 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Schumaker F.H. 1905–1944 Paper StLGS
Schumaker Wm. F.H. 1905–2000 Microfilm StLGS
Schumaker Wm. F.H. 1944–1997 Paper StLGS
Smith-Croghan F.H. 1916–1927 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib
Smith-Croghan F.H. 1916–1920 Paper StLGS
Smith, Jay F.H. 1932–1973 Microfilm StLGS
Southern F.H. 1908–1932 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib.
Southern F.H. 1962–1965 Microfilm StLGS & St. Louis Co. Lib

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