St. Peter Catholic Baptisms, 1838-1851
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St. Peter Catholic Baptisms, 1838-1851

Formed in 1838, St. Peter’s Catholic Church was established in the “Gravois Settlement” of St. Louis County. The baptismal album has been preserved and is in most cases very legible. Since this record was transcribed, the Archdiocese’s records have been microfilmed and are available at St. Louis County Library Special Collections and the Family History Library.

This record was transcribed before 1978 by StLGS volunteers with cooperation from Mrs. Ernst Stadler, acting director, and Mrs. Kathleen Schoene, librarian, of Missouri Historical Society, and Monsignor Edward J. O’Donnell of St. Peter’s.

This information was printed in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 2, pages 79–83.

Showing records 62 to 86 of 86.

Name Birthdate Baptism Date Father Mother Notes Sponsor(s)
Lynch, Susan 26 May 1843 29 May 1843 Lynch, Patrick Comisky, Mary Comisky, James Fitzgerald, Mary
Lynch, Martin 17 Mar 1839 Lynch, Martin [unk], [unk] Mother name illegible Lauchlin, John Lauchlin, Helen
Lynch, Margaret 6 Apr 1843 23 Apr 1843 Lynch, Partick Manning, Mary Withinton, John Withinton, [unk]
McAfee, John Wm. May 1839 4 May 1846 McAfee, Daniel Dowdals, Susan Sappington, Joseph Sappington, Elizabeth
McAfee, Matthew 6 May 1841 4 May 1846 McAfee, Daniel Dowdals, Susan Sappington, Joseph Sappington, Elizabeth
McAfee, Mary Ann 19 Jan 1909 4 May 1846 McAfee, Daniel Dowdals, Susan Sappington, Joseph Sappington, Elizabeth
Mosspicker, Adrian 27 May 1843 Mosspicker, Michael [unk], Johanna Age 3. Case, John [unk], Margaret
Mosspicker, Peter 27 May 1843 Mosspicker, Michael [unk], Johanna Age 7 months. Engle, Peter Engle, Elizabeth
Mosspicker, Christina 27 May 1843 Mosspicker, Michael [unk], Johanna Age 4 1/2.
O'Laughlin, Mary 20 Dec 1846 Age 17. Slave of Ellen
Rosamond, Mary Ann 18 Mar 1850 7 Apr 1850 Rosamond, Henry Hedwith, Mary Veilman, Mary
Sails, George Washington 20 Jun 1841 Age 17 months. This child has been abandoned by the parent, the father's name is not known, and Frederick Loverin takes charge of him. Sponsor Veilman surname questionable Loverin, Frederick Loverin, Mary Elisa
Saphier, Catherine 14 Jun 1840 Saphier, Irene Saphier, Madalin Age 10 months. Faneymann, Henry Chaler, Catherine
Soilar, Mary Elouise 18 Sep 1842 Jul 1843 Soilar, Mark Louis Bar, Rosalie Susan Sponsor Boire surname questionable Barbie, Charles Boire, Mary Rose
Spaldin, Susan 4 Oct 1841 17 Oct 1841 Spaldin, Vincent Harding, Lydia Donnelly, Peter Harding, Catherine
Tumblety, Thomas 22 Oct 1840 31 Jan 1841 Tumblety, Hugh Kelly, Mary Tumblety, Richard Breen, Margaret
Tumblety, Agnes 31 May 1843 16 Jun 1843 Tumblety, Hugh Kelly, Mary Robbers, Michael King, Margaret
Venemin, Mary Adeline 8 Dec 1849 13 Jan 1850 Collins, Bernard Dyer, Adeline
Vouze, Magdeline 29 Aug 1841 Vouze, Michael Burst, Jude Age not shown. Flerk, Ferdinand Burst, Magdelina
Waterman, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1841 Waterman, William Waterman, Ann Elizabeth Age not shown. Breen, Peter Breen, Elizabeth
Weheman, Charles 14 Jun 1840 Weheman, William Weheman, Therese Age 17 months. Lynch, Patrick Lauchlin, Ellen.
Withinton, Martha Jane 27 May 1840 2 Feb 1841 Withinton, N. C. Withinton, Rebecca O'Rork, Henery Withinton, [unk]
Wonleman, Henry 3 Jan 1850 25 Aug 1850 Wonleman, Ferdinand Buckwinkle, Catherine Murphy, James
Harper, Thomas 9 Aug 1840 Age 5 months. Negro slave of Andrew Faneymann, Henry Harper, Emely

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