St. Peter Catholic Baptisms, 1838–1851
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St. Peter Catholic Baptisms, 1838-1851

Formed in 1838, St. Peter’s Catholic Church was established in the “Gravois Settlement” of St. Louis County. The baptismal album has been preserved and is in most cases very legible. Since this record was transcribed, the Archdiocese’s records have been microfilmed and are available at St. Louis County Library Special Collections and the Family History Library.

This record was transcribed before 1978 by StLGS volunteers with cooperation from Mrs. Ernst Stadler, acting director, and Mrs. Kathleen Schoene, librarian, of Missouri Historical Society, and Monsignor Edward J. O’Donnell of St. Peter’s.

This information was printed in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 2, pages 79–83.

Showing records 11 to 35 of 86.

Name Birthdate Baptism Date Father Mother Notes Sponsor(s)
Collins, Ann Elizabeth 4 Nov 1843 Collins, Richard J. Cowe, Susan F. Age 3. Mother surname questionable. [unk], Andrew Breen, Mary Ann
Collins, Owen Thomas 13 Jan 1909 21 Jun 1846 Collins, Owen McGovern, Bridget Baptized under condition. Collins, Bernard Collins, Margaret
Cowe, Daniel 20 May 1843 6 Jun 1843 Cowe, James Phillips, Seraha Cowe, Daniel [unk], Mary
Daley, Hanna 27 Dec 1842 15 Jan 1843 Daley, Hugh Hagerty, Rosanna Kelley, Bernard Reiley, Bridget
Demerly, Catherine 7 Nov 1841 Demerly, Bernard Gras, Mary Age 8 weeks. Sponsor Hosenvos surname may be Hosenfelt. How, Henry Hosenvos, Catherine
Deutschmann, Caroline 25 Dec 1843 25 Feb 1844 Deutschmann, Antony Schall, Catarine Hosenfeld, Henry Vimilinger, Caroline
Donnelly, John Henery Slave of Peter. A mulatto boy age 4 years 4 months. Donnelly, Peter R. Holmes, Mary Ann
Du Salle, Anna Maria Genevieve 20 Jan 1839 DuSalle, Johanis Petri Masser, Maria Ann Harst, Anna Genevieve Spiegel, Nicholas
Du Sal, Mary Frances 11 Feb 1840 28 Feb 1841 Dusal, John P. Masel, Mary Ann Determnal, Frances Bar, Mary
Engle, Elizabeth 16 May 1840 Age 44 years. Being previously instructed in the tenents of our holy religion which she faithfully and sincerely embraced.
Fagin, Margaret 19 May 1843 31 May 1843 Fagin, Thomas O'Bryan, Catherine O'Bryan, Dennis O'Bryan, Margaret
Faneymann, Bernard 29 Jun 1844 12 Jul 1843 Faneymann, Henry Miller, Mary Hatcher, [unk] Hatcher, [unk]
Faneymann, Caroline 5 Apr 1846 Faneymann, Henry Miller, Mary Simons, Bernard Simons, Caroline
Feris, Catherine 9 Feb 1835 26 Sep 1841 Feris, Wilson Charlavill, Tenis Birth year should probably be 1837 as that would be the proper birth date for the Feris daughter who was always known as Suliamne or Zulma. Charavill, Lewis Charavill, Oris
Feris, Wilson 29 Mar 1835 26 Sep 1841 Feris, Wilson Charlavill, Tenis Sponsors Duscate aka DuChoquette Duscate, John B. Duscate, Virginia
Feris, Wilson 29 Mar 1835 26 Sep 1841 Feris, Wilson Charlavill, Tenis Sponsors DuChoquette aka Duscate DuChoquette, John B. DuChoquette, Virginia
Fine, Mary 13 Apr 1839 15 Apr 1839 Fine, Benjamin Sappington, Sarah Baptisted at the house of Joseph Sappington. Sappington, Thomas Sappington, Catherine
Fisher, Joseph 3 Apr 1841 18 Apr 1841 Fisher, Francis Fisher, Catherine Belland, John J. Huck, Ann Mary
Flerk, Magdalin 29 Aug 1841 Flerk, Ferdinand Burst, Magdalina Age 6 months. Faneymann, Henry Burst, Jacoba
Freizen, William H. 19 May 1850 19 Jul 1850 Freizen, Christopher Alix, Unise
Galaher, Bernard 9 Jan 1843 15 Jan 1843 Galaher, Patrick Hardin, Catherine Fitzgerald, Richard Fitzgerald, Mary
Gannon, Katherine Josephine 19 Mar 1839 14 Apr 1839 Gannon, Timothy Gannon, Catherine Baptized in the house of Timothy Gannon. Sappington, Joseph Gannon, Mary Ann
Geppert, Mary Mandey 27 May 1843 Age 2 1/2. Negro slave of Paragrine Geppert, Susan Case, John
Hail, Edwin 13 Feb 1842 31 May 1847 Hail, Daniel Keifers, Elizabeth Head, Willaim Keifers, Louisa
Hail, Enicy 11 Jun 1845 31 May 1847 Hail, Daniel Keifers, Elizabeth Donnelly, Peter Suttleff, Mary

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