Holy Ghost German Evangelical Church Marriages, 1834–1844
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Holy Ghost German Evangelical Church Marriages, 1834–1844

Holy Ghost was the first German Protestant Evangelical Church in St. Louis. The original church members included Lutheran and Reformed denominations. In 1843, some members formed two new churches, St. Peters and St. Marks.

The Holy Ghost marriage records do not include the name of the parents of the bride and groom. The record does include the name of the city or village where the bride and groom were born.

St. Louis Genealogical Society microfilmed these records many years ago. The film is available at the StLGS office or at St. Louis County Library. Would you like StLGS to make a photocopy of the microfilmed record? StLGS Research Request.

Maryhelen Wilson transcribed and contributed this information for publication starting in the 1986 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 19, number 1, pages 1–6. The series continues through volume 21, number 1, pages 7–10.


Showing records 10 to 34 of 709.

GroomBrideBride BirthplaceDateNotesWitness(es)
Armster, Johan Gerhard Meier, Katherine Marie Bromsche, Malgorn, Hanover 24 Jul 1840 Heinrich Meier is brother of Katherine Meier Meier, Heinrich Schwerding, Herman
Auldenfelde, Herman Diedrich Huelskamper, Anna Maria 6 Sep 1844 Bride Huelskamper is Hülskamper Heinkamp, Herman Moorman, Johan
Baby, Jacob Bunkel, Magdalena Alten-Haslaw, Hanoverau, Kurhessen 18 Nov 1837 Bunkel, Michael Gockel, Christian Ziegenhain, Georg
Bacon, Lorton Horn, Christina Limburg, Kirbug, Nassau 25 Feb 1844 Two witnesses with same name Carl William Horn. Horn, Carl William Horn, Carl William
Baeker, Heinrich Christian Seremeiers, Carolina Louisa Heimsen 14 Sep 1844 Groom Baeker is Bäeker. Witness surname Harmann. Harmann, Friederich Kohrmann, Johan
Bahlmeier, Heinrich Hollenberg, Katherine Wilhelmine Wester-Cappln, Tecklenburg 25 Oct 1842 Witness Moellenbrock is Möllenbrock Damme, Heinrich Wilhelm Moellenbrock, Friederich Wilhelm
Baldstein, Johan Holler, Christine Ottsweiler, Hamburg 2 Aug 1843 Baldstein, Johan, Jr. Holler, Peter
Balz, Jacob Schaefe, Katharine Frischborn, Hessen 4 Jul 1837 Bride surname Schaefe is Schäfe. Two witnesses with same name Johan Hoffman. Ameiss, David Hoffman, Johan Hoffman, Johan
Bauer, George Phillip Weber, Barbara 15 Jul 1844 Schuchmann, Georg Sensemeier, Johan Stephen
Bauer, Johan Phillip Weidmann, Anne Margareth Wersen, Dieburg, Hessen-Darmstadt 21 May 1840 Eckert, Nicolau Traub, Georg
Bauemer, Johan Anton Meesmann, Katherine Margareth Badbenbergen, Bersenbrueck, Osnabruck, Hanover 24 Jun 1838 Groom Bauemer is Baümer. City Bersenbrueck is Bersenbrück Scharting, Gerhard Thiele, Johan Georg
Bechtlofft, Jacob Fuhrmann, Katherine Freinshe--, Canton Durkheim, Baiern 3 Apr 1841 Lindell, Louis Scheer, Jacob
Beck, Christian Just, Sophie Oberschman, Merseburg, Sachsen 3 Sep 1838 Witness Otenwaelder is Otenwälder LaRoche, August Otenwaelder, Martin
Beck, Johan Georg Anselm, Christine Altenheim, Baden 24 Nov 1839 Blickhahn, Georg Horn, Carl Wilhelm Reuter, Phillip
Beimdick, Friederich Meier, Marie Elisabeth Lotte, Tecklenburg 25 Jun 1842 Witness Schroer is Schröer Meier, Friederich Schroer, Heinrich
Beimdieck, Stephan Heinrich Bieser, Katherine Margarethe 27 Jan 1841 Witness Schroer is Schröer Bieser, Friederich Gerdemann, Wilhelm Schroer, Heinrich
Beinkel, Jacob Siegel, Margareth Querbach, Baden 18 Dec 1842 Groom Beinkel may be Bürkel Brendel, David Brendel, John
Benner, Conrad Selzer, Dorothea Kleastadt, Hessen-Darmstadt 27 May 1839 Lang, Heinrich Merker, Johan
Benner, Conrad Schoemann, Martha Trenhain, Liegenhain, Kurh 26 Oct 1840 Bride Schoemann is Schömann. Witness Schoettler is Schöttler. Lang, Heinrich Schoettler, Johan
Bente, Johan Heinrich Rolfs, Katherine Marie Dorothea Belm, Osnabruck, Hanover 8 Apr 1843 Hammerschmidt, Friederich Wilh. Ottelkrone, Johan Friederich
Bergesch, Johan Friederich Driemeier, Wilhelmine Christine Wersen, Tecklenburg 16 Jul 1840 Driemeier, Bernhard Heinrich Wollmann, Herman Rudolph
Bernhard, Wilhelm Dierfeld, Catherine Christina Goeden 18 Sep 1844 Duerfeld, Johan Adam Oberheim, Christian
Bernius, Heinrich Lutz, Anna Margaretha Reinfarm, Dieburg, Hessen-Darmstadt 25 Jul 1839 Lang, Georg Mangold, Mathias Wolf, Christian
Bettier, Heinrich Sachtlebend, Anne Marie Engter, Malgen, Hanover 9 Apr 1842 Witness Schoette is Schötte Gerdemann, Heinrich Schoette, Heinrich
Bettyemann, Heinrich Kroeger, Anna Maria Elisebatha Erbenbach, Ringel, Lengerich, Tecklenburg, Preusen 3 Jul 1838 Bride Kroeger is Kröger Bettyemann, Nicolaus Schmidt, Wilhelm

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