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St. Louis Female Academy, 1831

An index of students at the St. Louis Female Academy was originally transcribed from the 28 June 1831 newspaper, Missouri Republican.

Microfilm of the Missouri Republican is available at St. Louis County Library Special Collection, St. Louis Public Library, and Missouri Historical Society. Would you like St. Louis Genealogical Society to obtain a copy of this article for you? StLGS Research Request.

This list was contributed by St. Louis Genealogical Society volunteer and former Quarterly editor, Maryhelen Wilson, and printed in the 1977 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 10, number 3, page 84.

Students at the St. Louis Female Academy, 1831

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Hunt, Theodosia
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Rosella
Johnson, Susan
Kennerly, Mary
King, Ann
Lane, Sarah
Long, Amelia
Long, Julia
McCartan, Amanda
McKee, Mary A.
O'Fallon, Ellen
Palen, Sophia
Perry, Angeline
Price, Harriet
Ridgely, Mary J.
Ridgely, Sarah
Saunders, Mary
Saunders, Sarah
Shackford, Charlotte
Shepard, Elizabeth
Shepard, Sarah
Smith, Laurena
Spalding, Margaret
Teison, Caroline

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