Ernst Moritz Arndt Passenger Lists, 1853
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Ernst Moritz Arndt Passenger Lists, 30 November 1853

Passengers on the Ernst Moritz Arndt passenger ship departed from Bremerhaven and arrived in New Orleans on 30 November 1853. This list includes only the passengers that indicated St. Louis as their place of destination. The list includes the name of the passenger, age, sex, occupation, and hometown.

Gerry Meier transcribed this information for the 1999 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 32, number 4, pages 156–158.

Ernst Moritz Arndt Passenger List

Showing records 1 to 114 of 114.

NameAgeSexOccupationHome Town
Lohbeck, Henr. 16 Boy Merchant Oldenburg
Rofsmann, Died. 25 Man Farmer Hannover
Wulfing, Friedr. 45 Man Merchant Herfort
Wulfing, Friedr. 47 Man Merchant Herfort
Wulfing, Lucie 21 Lady Merchant Herfort
Wulfing, Louie 10 Boy Merchant Herfort
Wulfing, Emma 9 Lady Merchant Herfort
Wulfing, Heinr. 15 Boy Merchant Herfort
vonDrehl, Joh. 29 Man Farmer Hannover
Tappe, Herm. 21 Man Farmer Spenge
Kamper, Magar. 20 Lady Farmer Hannover
Busch, Herm. 56 Man Farmer Hannover
Damann, Cathr. 46 Woman Farmer Bielefeld
Damann, Maria 20 Lady Farmer Bielefeld
Damann, Anna 12 Lady Farmer Bielefeld
Daman, Johann 9 Boy Farmer Bielefeld
Damann, Cathr. 6 Lady Farmer Bielefeld
Amerland, Herm. 31 Man Farmer Amt Quarpenbruck
Amerland, Cathr. 23 Woman Farmer Amt Quarpenbruck
Amerland, Magr. 54 Woman Farmer Amt Quarpenbruck
Amerland, Joh. 60 Man Farmer Amt Quarpenbruck
Kleinbocker, Maria 20 Lady Farmer Amt Quarpenbruck
Heinecke, Emilie 25 Woman Farmer Sachen
Heinecke, Bertha 40 Lady Farmer Sachen
Heinecke, Albiene 9 Lady Farmer Sachen
Heinecke, Agnes 7 Lady Farmer Sachen
Heinecke, Emma 5 Lady Farmer Sachen
Heinecke, Herm. 4 Boy Farmer Sachen
Rooben, Joh. 26 Man Farmer Carolienen Siel
Philipp, Caroline 25 Lady Farmer Goshen
Sauthoff, Carl 39 Man Farmer Hannover
Sauthoff, Amalia 30 Woman Farmer Hannover
Sauthoff, Carl 8 Boy Farmer Hannover
Hasper, Auguste 21 Lady Farmer Hannover
Muller, Heinr. 45 Man Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Christoph. 46 Man Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Caroliene 40 Woman Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Heinr. 15 Boy Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Amelia 13 Lady Farmer Hannover
Wessels, August 10 Boy Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Friedr. 8 Boy Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Munoh 5 Lady Farmer Hannover
Wessels, Ludwig 27 Man Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Ludwig 50 Man Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Louis 48 Man Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Caroline 21 Lady Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Christph. 18 Boy Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Willhel. 14 Boy Farmer Hannover
Hartmann, Gustiene 12 Lady Farmer Hannover
Cammann, Gustiene 38 Woman Farmer Hannover
Cammann, Heinr. 15 Boy Farmer Hannover
Cammann, Anna 13 Lady Farmer Hannover
Rieshard, Gustiene 50 Woman Farmer Hannover
Finkenby, August 21 Man Farmer Oldenburg
Steinkamp, Eliese 23 Lady Farmer Damme
Uphaus, Heinr. 27 Man Farmer Damme
Kastrup, Willhel. 48 Man Farmer Bielefeld
Kastrup, Anna 34 Woman Farmer Bielefeld
Kastrup, Hannah 15 Lady Farmer Bielefeld
Kastrup, Maria 12 Lady Farmer Bielefeld
Kastrup, August 3 Boy Farmer Bielefeld
Krahmann, Jacob 32 Man Farmer Erbenheim
Krahmann, Dorothe 27 Woman Farmer Erbenheim
Krahmann, Louise 5 Lady Farmer Erbenheim
Krahmann, Eliesab. 3 Lady Farmer Erbenheim
Jacoby, Philipp. 33 Man Farmer Zemichofe
Jacoby, Magart. 32 Woman Farmer Zemichofe
Jacoby, Caroline 3 Lady Farmer Zemichofe
Werner, Willhel. 19 Man Farmer Zemichofe
Jee, Agatha 48 Woman Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, Antoni 27 Lady Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, Apeloni 23 Lady Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, Monika 22 Lady Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, George 18 Man Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, Theode. 17 Boy Farmer Ludwighafen
Jee, Casper 12 Boy Farmer Ludwighafen
Konze, Wilhel. 38 Man Farmer Kurkessen
Thimann, Heinr. 35 Man Farmer Herfort
Themann, Peter 24 Man Farmer Heinhagen
Nattbrock, Joh 29 Man Farmer Bielefeld
Nattbrock, Hanne. 27 Woman Farmer Bielefeld
Beckmann, Heinr. 26 Man Farmer Herford
Zurheide, Heinr. 25 Man Farmer Herford
Krieger, Christph. 39 Man Farmer Bierstadt
Krieger, Philipp. 32 Woman Farmer Bierstadt
Krieger, Philip 12 Boy Farmer Bierstadt
Krieger, Carl 5 Boy Farmer Bierstadt
Keute, Joseph 25 Man Taylor Callenhandt
Knippschot, Fransisca 26 Lady Farmer Callenhandt
Degenhard, Florentie 21 Lady Farmer Callenhandt
Schonlau, Marianna 22 Lady Farmer Anrochte
Schreier, Maria 19 Lady Farmer Ellringhausen
Kann, Joh. 40 Man Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Louise 36 Woman Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Heinr. 21 Man Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Friedr. 18 Boy Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Louise 9 Child Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Christph. 5 Child Farmer Furstensperke
Kann, Friedrich 3 Child Farmer Furstensperke
Timpner, Willhel. 20 Man Farmer Hanstadt
Brack, Maria 49 Woman Farmer Hurste
Brack, Franz 15 Boy Farmer Hurste
Brack, Franz 47 Man Farmer Hurste
Friesmeyer, Ruttge 30 Man Farmer Garteln
Freesmeyer, Elisab. 25 Woman Farmer Garteln
Freesmeyer, Maria 2 Child Farmer Garteln
Bockemeyer, Anna 45 Woman Farmer Kreis Herford
Bockemeyer, Bemd 6 Boy Farmer Kreis Herford
Kierchoff, Frederi 25 Man Farmer Bielefeld
Tiemann, Henr. 36 Man Farmer Sprenge
Jacobi, Henr. 15 Boy Farmer Gerde
Borgstach, Henr. 19 Boy Farmer Gerde
Overmeyer, Franz 22 Man Farmer Damme

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