1805 Missouri Territory
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1805 Missouri Territory Census

Following the Louisiana Purchase, negative rumors circulated about Governor Wilkinson. The residents of the St. Louis area showed their support for Wilkinson by sending letters to the president. This collection is called the Wilkinson Memorial.

The residents who signed the letters lived in St. Louis, St. Charles (SC), St. Ferdinand (SF), and Ste. Genevieve (SG). In addition, residents from Cape Girardeau and New Madrid areas of the Louisiana Territory are included; however, Cape Girardeau and New Madrid residents are not indicated by a location designation. The list includes only one female. The transcription used the original spelling for each name.

The city indicator may follow the name of the resident. If the resident signed with an X, it is so indicated. This information was taken from Carter’s Territorial Papers, volume 13.

To locate your ancestors, use this record in conjunction with the 1805 Tax List included in this website.

St. Louis Genealogical Society member Jeananne Beuer, along with assistance from George F. Wilson, prepared this list for publication in the 1981 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 14, number 1, pages 8–11; number 2, pages 56–57; number 3, page 104.

The Wilkinson Memorial: A Roster of Men in the Missouri Territory, 1805


Showing records 1 to 1456 of 1456.

Abar, Perre Ste. Genevieve
Able, Ezekiel
Able, Jer.
Adams, Robert, Jr.
Adams, Robert, Sr.
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Samuel
Alexander, David
Allen, Jehu
Allen, Robert
Allen, Thomas
Alley, John
Alley, Thomas
Alley, William
Ambroise, Francois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Amery, John
Amoreux, Michel
Anderson, John
Andrew, David Signed with 'X'
Apelgate, Thomas
Archanbeaux, Charle Ste. Genevieve
Armstrong, Abm.
Arnow, Jesse
Arrel, James
Arrivea, Jesse
Arway, Jesse
Ashbrook, George
Ashley, Wm. H. Ste. Genevieve
Atkins, John
Aubenheuser, John
Aubuchon, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Aubuchon, P. Ste. Genevieve
Aubuchon, Pierre Ste. Genevieve, See also Obuchon
August, John Signed with 'X'
Auguste, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Autrey, John Signed with 'X'
Baby, Louis
Bacane, Batptiste St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Backar, Andraw
Bacon, Ludwell
Baer, Thomas Ste. Genevieve
Bailey, David
Baker, Abraham
Baker, Henry Signed with 'X'
Baker, John
Baker, Josaph
Baker, Thomas
Baldridge, John St. Charles
Ball, John
Bankson, Holeman
Barada, Antoine Signed with 'X'
Barclay, Robert
Bare, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Baribeau, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Barranas, Francois Signed with 'X'
Barsaloux, John Bte.
Bates, William
Bau (Beau), Francois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bau (Beau), Joseph Basile St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bauvais, J. S. G. Ste. Genevieve
Bauvais, Raphael J. S. G. Ste. Genevieve
Bauvais, Vitale Ste. Genevieve
Bauyer, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Bay, Robert
Bay, Samuel
Bayly, John Signed with 'X'
Beare, John
Beau (Bau), Francois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Beau (Bau), Joseph Basile St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Beauvais, Gimiain Signed with 'X'
Becain, Antoin St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Becker, Hatter
Belange', Charle Signed with 'X'
Bell, John St. Charles
Bell, Mordeca
Bell, Philip
Bellew, William
Belmare, Charle
Belsons, Matias
Bequet, Bte., Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Bequet, Bte., Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Bequet, Gabriel Signed with 'X'
Bequiette, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Berdon, Pea
Bernier, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Bernier, Louis
Berry, James Ste. Genevieve
Berry, John
Besaunte, J. Mary St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bevis, Thomas L.
Billeau, Baptiste St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Biore, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bird, Anton
Bire, Jan
Birk, John Ste. Genevieve
Bisonssnaite, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Black, James Signed with 'X'
Black, John Signed with 'X'
Black, William Signed with 'X'
Blanch, Peron
Blanco, Manuel Ste. Genevieve
Blanks, Jesse
Blay, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Blount, William
Bodouen, Jacques Signed with 'X'
Bogenou, Charle Signed with 'X'
Bogenou, Nicolas Signed with 'X'
Bogenou, Nicolas, Sr. Signed with 'X'
Bogenou, Vital Signed with 'X'
Bogy, John
Bogy, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Boisse, Louis Signed with 'X'
Boldey, John
Boldidge, Daniel
Boldridge, James St. Charles
Boldridge, Robert
Bolduc, Etienne Ste. Genevieve
Bolduc, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Bollinger, Daniel
Bollinger, Johannes
Bombardier, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Bonne, Jacob Ste. Genevieve
Bonneau, Charles Signed with 'X'
Bono, Michel Signed with 'X'
Boone, Daniel
Boone, Daniel M. St. Charles
Boquet, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Boshow, Jn.
Bouis, An. Vincent
Boure, Pierre St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Boutans, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Boyd, Js.
Boyd, Royland
Boyer, Jh., fils Ste. Genevieve, Fils is French for Jr.
Boyer, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Brada, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bradburn, William
Brady, James
Brant, Joseph
Brazeaux, Jh.
Brazeaux, L.
Bridge, Saml Ste. Genevieve
Brielle Mabane, Ga. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Brineke, Js.
Brinley, Mathias
Brooks, James
Brooks, John
Brooks, Mark
Brown, Adam
Brown, Barney
Brown, Eleas Signed with 'X'
Brown, George
Brown, Jehu
Brown, John
Brown, Luallen
Brown, Pery St. Charles
Brown, Robert
Brown, William
Browne, Joseph
Brugiere, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Bryan, David
Bryan, James
Bryan, Jonathen
Buate, Antonne Ste. Genevieve
Buissonnet, Jh. Signed with 'X'
Bullinger, Daywalt
Burbank, Moses St. Charles
Burgitt, John
Burk, John
Burney, Hugh
Burns, A.
Burns, Arther
Burns, Barney
Burns, James
Burns, Michael
Burns, William
Busby, John
Butler, Edward
Butler, John
Buttner, Jn. Wm.
Byrd, Micager
Byrne, Moses
Cabanne', [unk]
Cadinalle, Charlle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Cahot, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Caillou, DHustache Signed with 'X'
Caillou, Louis Signed with 'X'
Call, Arthur
Callaway, James
Callaway, John
Calvai, Joseph St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Calwell, David
Cambell, William
Canady, James
Caos, Batites Ste. Genevieve
Caraphen, Ambroiz Ste. Genevieve
Caraphen, Joph. Ste. Genevieve
Carbonneaux, [unk] St. Charles
Cardinalle, J. Mari St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Carl, Jonas
Carlin, Thomas
Carrico, Johan
Carrico, Vincent
Carson, Alexander
Carson, John
Casselring, Friedria
Casye, J. W.
Cavett, Moses
Cerre, Ate. Ste. Genevieve
Cerre', P. L.
Cerre', Toussaint Signed with 'X'
Chabonneau, Louis Signed with 'X'
Chadwell, Duff Ste. Genevieve
Chadwick, Uriah
Chambers, Jacob
Chambers, John
Chambirs, John
Chancelie, Louis Ste. Genevieve, signed with 'X'
Chantilon, Anrie Ste. Genevieve
Chapman, Robert
Charpantier, Joseph
Charpentier, Grimot Signed with 'X'
Chartier, Baptiste
Chartran, Amable Signed with 'X'
Cheek, James
Cheek, James
Cheek, William
Chele Pitre, Ml. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Chenete, Antoine Ste. Genevieve, signed with 'X'
Chevallier, Andre
Chevallier, P.
Chinel, Francois St. Ferdinand
Choquet, Henry Signed with 'X'
Choquet, Jullien Signed with 'X'
Chouteau, Augte.
Chouteau, Pre.
Christy, Wm.
Cisselle, Bernard
Clamorgan, J.
Clark, David Ste. Genevieve
Clark, Francis, Jr.
Clark, William St. Charles
Clarke, Thomas
Clay, James
Clay, Jeremiah
Clemens, Auguste St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Clemmens, Eleenor
Clemmens, James
Clemmens, Stewart
Clemons, John
Clover, John
Cluka, Bateas St. Charles
Clyne, Peter Signed with 'X'
Cocent, Cola Ste. Genevieve
Cochran, James
Cochran, Test Jas.
Cochran, Thomas
Coen, Elias
Cois Golin, Fra. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Cois Presans, Fran. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Coleman, Alex. Ste. Genevieve
Coleman, Bernard Ste. Genevieve
Coleman, John
Colevan, James
Collin, [unk] St. Ferdinand
Colvin, Aron
Colvin, James
Commens, Robet
Conaway, Jeremiah
Conaway, William
Conner, Frederick
Conner, John
Connor, James
Connor, William
Constu, Gabriel
Cook, Nathaniel
Coons, Jacob
Coons, Martin
Coons, Ticholas
Cooper, John
Cooper, Thomas
Cordell, Hiram
Cote, Alixi St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Cote, Bte. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Cotte', [unk] St. Charles
Cottle, Ira
Cottle, Oliver St. Charles
Cottle, Warren St. Charles
Cottle, Warren, Jr.
Cotton, Elam
Counts, John
Couravie, Piere St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Courtois, J. Marie St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Courtois, Louis, Jr. Signed with 'X'
Courtois, Louis, Sr. Signed with 'X'
Cox, John
Cox, William
Craford, Thomson
Crafts, Moses Signed with 'X'
Crage, James
Craig, Peter
Crawford, James
Creti, Bapte. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Crips, David
Crochet, Jean
Croford, William
Crosby, Hezekiah
Crow, Benjamin
Crow, Godrey
Crow, Godrey St. Charles
Crow, Henry
Crow, John
Crow, Lewis
Crow, Michael St. Charles
Crow, Walter
Crump, Danel
Crump, Robert
Culberson, John
Cummens, John
Da Flammand, [unk]
Dailey, John
Daniel, John
Danielle, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dant, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dapron, Peter Signed with 'X'
Darst, Abraham St. Charles
Darst, David St. Charles
Dauren, Antoine
Davis, David
Davis, James
Davis, John
Day, Jon. St. Charles
De Gagne, [unk] St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
De Kerlezand, S. Ste. Genevieve
De Lassus De Luziere, Pre.
De Luziere De Lassus, Pre.
De Nouie, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Decarie, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Dechee, Alexander Ste. Genevieve
Decker, Luke
Degerlais, Charles St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Degrosiliere, [unk]
Deguire, Andre
Deguire, Francois
Deguire, Louis
Deguire, Paul
Degur, Baptiste
Dehetre, Juste. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Dejarlai, Paul St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Delariboudoais, Auguste
Delassus, Camille
Delaunay, D.
Delaurier, Fs. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Delisle, Bte. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Delor, Trophet Signed with 'X'
Deming, Benj.
Demint, Jess
Demoss, Charles
Deniston, Andrew
Denogines, Louis Signed with 'X'
Denoie, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Denoyer, Antoine Signed with 'X'
Denoyer, Jn. Signed with 'X'
Denoyer, Louis Signed with 'X'
Derchaut, Michell Signed with 'X'
Detchemendy, Pl. Ste. Genevieve
Devenport, Matthew St. Charles
Devore, Isaac
Devore, Jacob Signed with 'X'
Devore, Luke Signed with 'X'
Dewitt, Robert
Dewitt, Walter
Dickson, Lewis
Didier, L. P.
Didier, Pierre
Dielle, Fs. Ste. Genevieve
Dillon, William
Ditsler, Peter St. Charles
Dodd, Mikel
Dodge, Henry
Dodge, Henry Ste. Genevieve
Dodge, Israel Ste. Genevieve
Dodge, Josiah
Dodge, Thomas
Dodson, Joshua St. Charles
Doggett, Isaac Signed with 'X'
Dominick, John Signed with 'X'
Donnohue, John
Donnohue, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Donnohue, Thomas
Dooling, Jessy
Dorlac, Fs. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dorsey, Saml.
Dotson, James
Doubleday, Joseph
Dousirs, Baptise St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dousirs, Baptise, Jr. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dowty, James
Dowty, John Signed with 'X'
Doyle, Terence Signed with 'X'
Drinnen, William
Du Boy, Jh. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Du Boy, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dubreuil, Antoine
Duchouquet, Bte. Signed with 'X'
Duchouquet, Henri
Duclos, Antoine Ste. Genevieve
Due Per, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Dufour, Baptiste Ste. Genevieve
Dufour, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Dufour, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Dufour, Parfait Ste. Genevieve
Duiguire, Bte.
Dumay, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Dumay, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Dunegan, Francois St. Ferdinand
Dunn, Joseph
Dunn, William St. Charles
Dunn, William Ste. Genevieve
Dupres, Louis Signed with 'X'
Duquet, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Duquette, Francois St. Charles
Duval, Senna
Duvall, John
Eads, Matthew
Eads, Thomas
Eads, William
Ears, John
Eastridge, Ledford Signed with 'X'
Eastridge, William Signed with 'X'
Eastridge, Zekiel
Edwards, Joshua
Eignet, Philip
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, Josiah Ste. Genevieve
Ellis, Peter
Emmons, Julius
Eshbough, D. St. Charles
Estis, Robert
Estus, Barnet
Estus, John
Estus, Patrick
Evans, Jesse
Evens, Elijah
Evens, Stephen
Everitt, David
Everitt, Edward
Everitt, Richard
Everitt, William
Ewing, William
Fabrire, Charle St. Charles
Fallis, George
Farnsworth, Biel St. Charles
Farnsworth, William St. Charles
Farris, James
Ferry, John
Fine, David Signed with 'X'
Fisher, Alexander
Fitteau, Jacques St. Charles
Fitzgibbons, Joseph
Flint, Samuel Ste. Genevieve
Flynn, Wm., Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Flynn, Wm., Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Foreman, Daniel Signed with 'X'
Foreman, John Signed with 'X'
Foreman, Jonathon Signed with 'X'
Forman, Jona. Signed with 'X'
Forril, David
Fortin, Michel Signed with 'X'
Foster, Jacob, Jr.
Foster, James
Fournier, F. Signed with 'X'
Friend, Jacob Signed with 'X'
Fulton, Hugh
Furgeson, John
Gagnon, Jean Ste. Genevieve
Gaisdanas, Nicolas
Gamache, Auguste Signed with 'X'
Gamache, Baptiste Signed with 'X'
Gamelin, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Garner, William
Garnier, J. V.
Garoux, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Gau, Louis St. Charles
Gaudaire, Toussin Signed with 'X'
Gauder, Ant. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Gautie, Antoine St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Gerrard, Joseph
Gervais, Josep St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Giasson, Chs.
Giboney, John
Gibson, Ed. St. Charles
Gibson, Jessee
Gifar, [unk]
Gilbert, Samuel
Gill, Charles
Gilleaugh, Tousant Signed with 'X'
Gillis, Anguis St. Charles
Gilmore, John
Gipsn, Umpphry
Gipson, Jacob Signed with 'X'
Gipson, Uphry Signed with 'X'
Gipson, Wilam Signed with 'X'
Girrard, Jh.
Girty, William
Gobeau, John Bt.
Goder, Andre Signed with 'X'
Goder, Henry Signed with 'X'
Godfray, Charls Signed with 'X'
Godfray, John Signed with 'X'
Godier, Peter Signed with 'X'
Goforth, James
Goforth, Miles
Gour, Bate St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Govoro, Antoine Ste. Genevieve
Govro, Louis, Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Govro, Louis, Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Govro, Michel Ste. Genevieve
Govro, Pierre Ste. Genevieve
Govrot, Anrie Ste. Genevieve
Graf, Henry
Graham, Alexander
Graham, Hugh
Graham, Samuel
Graimnard, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Grande, Francis Ste. Genevieve
Grass, Henry
Gratiot, Charles
Gravier, J.
Gray, William
Greene, John
Greenewault, John
Greenstreet, Allen St. Charles
Greenstreet, Eunock St. Charles
Greenstreet, James St. Charles
Greenstreet, William St. Charles
Grefore, Alexi
Grefore, Michael
Grenon, Frans. Ste. Genevieve
Grenon, Joseph, fils Ste. Genevieve, Fils is French for Jr.
Grenon, Louis Jos., Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Gresa, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Greter, Daniel
Griffard, Michel Ste. Genevieve
Griffith, Daniel Signed with 'X'
Grogon, Jeremiah
Guelle, Antoinne Ste. Genevieve
Guelle, Jph. Ste. Genevieve
Guenneville, F. St. Charles
Guething, John
Guibourd, J. Ste. Genevieve
Guyon, Am. Signed with 'X'
Haggin, Aquilla
Haggin, Joseph
Hahn, Friederich
Hahn, Peter
Hainds, Joseph St. Charles
Hallabert, Lorins
Hamilton, Jeremiah
Hamilton, Ninian B.
Hand, Henry
Hand, William
Handcock, Stephen
Handcock, William
Hankinson, John
Hankinson, John, Jr.
Hanna, Saml.
Hannah, Enos
Harbison, John C.
Hard, Bryson
Harington, Isick
Harris, Hezekiah P.
Harris, Lanard Signed with 'X'
Harris, Micajah
Hartt, John E.
Has, Johannes
Hawkins, John Ste. Genevieve
Hawkins, Richard
Hayden, Clement
Hays, Larkins
Hays, William St. Charles
Hayward, Jurnel
Hebert, Charles St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Hebert, Jh. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Hebert, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Hector, Gillbert
Henderson, John
Hendrickson, John
Henry, Charles Ste. Genevieve
Henry, Thomas
Hensley, Davis
Hensley, John
Hensley, William
Hensley, Willis
Herington, Barthomee Signed with 'X'
Herington, John Signed with 'X'
Herington, Samel Signed with 'X'
Herington, Wilam Signed with 'X'
Hibler, Samuel
Hibler, William
Hicenbottom, Samuel
Higginbotham, Thomas
Hildebrand, Christen T.
Hildebrand, Daneil
Hilerbrand, David
Hilerbrand, Isaac
Hilerbrand, John
Hilerbrand, Jonathan
Hinch, Samuel, Jr.
Hodges, Daniel Signed with 'X'
Hodges, Ebenezer
Hodges, Gilbert
Holley, David
Holly, David
Holmes, Samuel
Holmes, William
Honor, Patrise St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Honore, Francois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Hooper, Thomas
Horn, George
Horn, John
Horn, Joseh
Horsley, Thomas
Hortis, Fs. St. Ferdinand
Horttiz, Jh.
Howell, Francis St. Charles
Howell, John St. Charles
Howell, Thomas St. Charles
Hubardeau, J. Bre. Ste. Genevieve
Hubbard, Daniel Signed with 'X'
Hubbard, Durrett St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Hubbard, Durritt
Hubbell, Jonathan Signed with 'X'
Hubble, Jonathon Signed with 'X'
Huble, Mathew
Hudgens, John
Huffman, George St. Charles
Huffman, George, Jr. St. Charles
Huffman, Pieter St. Charles
Huitt, Solomon
Hull, Mills Signed with 'X'
Humphreys, Josh.
Huno, Gne. Signed with 'X'
Hunot, Joseph
Hunter, Christian Ste. Genevieve
Hunter, James Ste. Genevieve
Hunter, Joseph
Hunter, Joshua
Hunter, Josiah
Hurley, John
Hurley, Jonathan Signed with 'X'
Hurley, Moses
Jack, Peter
James, Benja. St. Ferdinand
James, Benjamin
James, C. Land
James, James
James, James
James, John Signed with 'X'
James, Morris
James, William Ste. Genevieve
Jameson, William Signed with 'X'
Janes, John
Janes, John
Janis, Bte., Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Janis, Bte., Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Janis, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Janis, Pe. St. Charles
Jaque, Francois Signed with 'X'
Jeans, Louis, fils St. Charles, Fils is French for Jr., signed with 'X'
Jewitt, Green
Jewitt, James
John, Daniel Little St. Charles
Johns, John
Johnson, D. L. Ste. Genevieve
Johnson, David
Johnson, Edward Ste. Genevieve
Johnston, A.
Johnston, Benjamin
Johnston, George
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Jones, Emsley Signed with 'X'
Jones, James St. Charles
Jones, John
Jones, Samul
Jones, Stephen Signed with 'X'
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jons, Marshel Signed with 'X'
Kaygle, Roger
Keehely, Daniel
Keennen, Francis
Keeth, James
Keeth, John G.
Kelley, Edward
Kelly, John
Kelly, Timothy
Kendall, Jaduthun
Kenney, Moses St. Charles
Keown, Rowland Ste. Genevieve
Kerr, John St. Charles
Kethley, Daniel St. Charles
Kibby, Timothy St. Charles
Kilas, Charls
Kinkaid, David
Kinkaid, Matthew
Kinked, James
Kinnison, Absalom Ste. Genevieve
Kirkendoll, James
Kishler, Francis St. Charles
Klein, Johan Ste. Genevieve
Knott, Clement
La Croixe, Pierre St. Charles, signed with 'X'
La Plante, Bte. Ste. Genevieve
La Plante, Jean Signed with 'X'
La Plante, Jn. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
La Saille, Nicau St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Labbe, Joseph
Lachance, Ame.
Lachance, F. S.
Lachance, G. L.
Lachance, Joseph
Lachance, Josephe
Lachance, Michele
Lachance, Nicholas
Lachans, Nicola
Lacombe, [unk]
Lacrois, Pole St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lacroix, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Lacroix, W. B. St. Charles
Lacroy, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Laffont, Bernar
Laflower, Bapt. Signed with 'X'
Lafoise, Vainsan Ste. Genevieve, signed with 'X'
Lafont, Antoine
Laforge, Pierre Antoine
Laforge, Pierre F.
Lafours, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Laglois, Jh. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lail, George Signed with 'X'
Laird, William
Lajeunesse, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lajoye, Lrt., fils Fils is French for Jr.
Lalumendier, [unk] Ste. Genevieve
Lamonte, Michelle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Land, John
Langellier, Frans. Ste. Genevieve
Langlenway, Francois
Lanham, Hartley
Laplant, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Lapointe, [unk] Dit Orleans
Laprise, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Laroche, Louis St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Las Croix, Bte. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lasieur, Rapheel
Lasiserae, Noel Signed with 'X'
Lassell, Ant.
Latham, John Signed with 'X'
Latieure, Pierre Signed with 'X'
Latour, Francois Signed with 'X'
Latrielle, Gabriel St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Laverdure, Charle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Layton, Ignatious
Layton, John
Le', Andre, Jr. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Le Bus, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Le Conte, Alexy St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lechaple, Pierr Ste. Genevieve
Leclere, [unk] Ste. Genevieve
Lecomte, Nicolas Signed with 'X'
Lector, L. Ste. Genevieve
Leduc, M. P.
Lee, Patrick
Leek, Henry Signed with 'X'
Leek, John Signed with 'X'
Legrand, Dominique Ste. Genevieve
Legrand, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Lemoine, Jacque Ste. Genevieve
Lemonde, Louis Signed with 'X'
Lepage, Simons St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lesieur, F. St. Charles
Lesieur, Francois
Leuvard, P. Ste. Genevieve
Levis, Sam. P.
Lewis, Hugh
Lewis, James St. Charles
Lewis, John
Lewis, Joseph
Liberge, Francois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Limberick, John Ste. Genevieve
Link, John
Linn, William
Lirette, Louis St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Lisa, Manuel
Litle, John
Little, John
Little-John, John
Livry dit Martin, Jean Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Lockart, James
Loder, William
Logan, Matthew
Loiratee, [unk] Ste. Genevieve
Long, John
Long, John, Sr.
Long, William L.
Lorain, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Lord, Mathew
Lorens, Bapte. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Lorimier, Lewis
Lousignan, Bte. Signed with 'X'
Lovel, John
Lovel, Peter
Lovel, Peter, Jr.
Low, John
Lucas, Charles
Lundige, Friederich
Maddin, Thomas
Maisonville, Baptiste Signed with 'X'
Malette, Ante. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Manly, John
Manning, Joseph
Mannish, Francis Ste. Genevieve
Mansker, John
Marechalle, Ant. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Mareche, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Marie', Alexis
Marion, Bonaventure St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Marten, Adam
Marten, David
Marten, Lewis
Martin, Moses Signed with 'X'
Marye, Jh. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Mason, Thomas
Mass, William
Masters, Henry
Masters, Lemuel
Masters, Samuel
Mathews, Alen X.
Mathews, Charles
Mathews, Edward
Mathews, Edward, Jr.
Mathews, John
Mathews, Joseph
Matise, Jeraume
Maxwell, Js. Ste. Genevieve
May, John Signed with 'X'
McCalister, Peter
McCartney, Alexander
McCay, Daniel
McCay, Robert
McCollough, John
McConnell, John
McConnell, William
McConnochi, Alexander Ste. Genevieve
McCord, Adam T.
McCormack, Peter
McCown, George
McCoy, Alexander
McCoy, Annanias
McDaniel, James S.
McDaniel, Jams
McDernitt, Charles Ste. Genevieve
McDonald, Joh. St. Charles
McDonald, Joshua
McDonaugh, Edward
McFall, George
McFarson, John
McGlaughlan, William
McGregor, James
McKibb, Thom. Signed with 'X'
McKinney, Alex.
McKinney, David
McKinney, John
McKinney, Robert
McKinnon, Theo.
McKinze, Allen
McKullum, John
McLaughlan, John
McLaughlin, James L.
McLaughlin, John R.
McLaughlin, Thomas
McLean, James Ste. Genevieve
McMickle, John St. Charles
McMurrey, John
McMurtry, Joseph
Meek, James
Meek, Samuel
Menard, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Menard, Louis, Sr. Signed with 'X'
Menare, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Mercelle, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Merdel, David
Meredith, Rowling
Merideth, Danl.
Mesplais, Pierre Ste. Genevieve
Mesplais, Troper Ste. Genevieve
Mesplay, Bazile Ste. Genevieve
Michaels, M.
Michau, J., Sr.
Michel, Joseph
Mier, Jacob
Miles, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Milice, Ensaigne St. Ferdinand
Milice, Int. St. Ferdinand
Miller, Isaac
Miller, John
Milliet, Francois Signed with 'X'
Mire, John B.
Mitchel, James
Mitchell, James F.
Mollens, Daniel Signed with 'X'
Mollens, Green Signed with 'X'
Moore, Bede
Moore, James
Moore, James, Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Moore, James, Sr.
Moore, James, Sr. Ste. Genevieve
Moore, Nicholas
Moore, Richard
Moore, William
Moorhead, William
Moque, Fs. Signed with 'X'
Moque, Louis Signed with 'X'
Morain, Michel Signed with 'X'
More, Daniel B.
Morgan, John Ste. Genevieve
Morgan, Thomas
Morice, Bastien Ste. Genevieve
Morin, Louis
Moro, Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Moro, Bte., Jr. Ste. Genevieve
Moro, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Morris, Curtis
Morris, Thomas
Mullanphy, John
Mullin, Artur
Mullins, Mathew Ste. Genevieve
Murdough, Alexander
Murdough, Jas.
Murphey, John
Murphy, David
Murphy, Frans. Signed with 'X'
Murphy, Isaac
Murphy, John
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Richard
Murphy, William
Murphy, William Signed with 'X'
Musick, Abraham
Musick, Asa
Musick, Edi
Musick, Eli Signed with 'X'
Musick, Ephraim
Musick, James
Musick, Lewis
Musick, Thos. Roy
Musick, Uri
Myers, Benjamin
Myers, Jacob
Myers, Priestley
Nelson, Charles
Nerut, A.
Neuschwanger, Joseph, Jr.
Neuschwanger, Joseph, Sr.
Newfield, Abraham Ste. Genevieve
Newman, John
Nicole, Gabriel
Noblesse, Peter
North, John St. Charles
North, John, Jr. St. Charles
North, William Signed with 'X'
Nul, Wilam Signed with 'X'
Null, Adom
Null, Michael
Null, William
Obojez, Charl Ste. Genevieve
Obuchon, Antoine Ste. Genevieve
Obuchon, Aug., fils Ste. Genevieve
Obuchon, Auguste Ste. Genevieve
Obuchon, Jh. St. Ferdinand, See also Aubuchon, signed with 'X'
Oclarrel, James Y.
Odannel, John Ste. Genevieve
Odom, Michel
Oliver, Alpherd
Oliver, B.
O'Neill, M. St. Charles
Opelhatt, Johannes
Orleans, [unk] Dit Lapointe
Ortes, Jean Bte.
Ouvre, Lis. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Owins, Robert
Paget, Henrey
Palmer, William
Palor, B:tite St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Panlon, Glai St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Papin, Joseph
Parke, Jonah
Parkson, E.
Parmer, Anthony C.
Parmer, Charles
Parmer, Thomas
Partnay, Amable Ste. Genevieve
Paterson, Eleazer
Paterson, William Signed with 'X'
Patnode, Amable Ste. Genevieve
Patten, Chares Ste. Genevieve
Patten, John Ste. Genevieve
Patterson, Eleazer
Patterson, Elisha
Patterson, John
Patterson, John Ste. Genevieve
Patterson, Samuel
Patterson, William
Patton, John
Paul, Jno. Ste. Genevieve
Pauley, Jno.
Payant, Pierre St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Pearshall, Samuel
Peirceall, Jeremiah
Peltier, Andre St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Pepins, Etien St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Peraut, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Pere, Joseph Belet Ste. Genevieve
Perio, John Ste. Genevieve
Perlaise, Pier St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Perodot, Joseph
Perrau, Jean
Petie, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Pettet, Lee
Pettibone, Eli
Pettit, Solomon St. Charles
Pew, Samul
Phillips, Alexr.
Phillips, Charles St. Charles
Phillips, John St. Charles
Pichet, Yte. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Pillars, James
Pillars, John
Piper, James
Placet, Ambroise Ste. Genevieve
Placet, Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Placide, Louis Ste. Genevieve, signed with 'X'
Plammoudon, Antoine St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Plasi, Jph. Ste. Genevieve
Pope, William Ste. Genevieve
Pourneuf, Paul
Pratte, [unk]
Pratte, Bd.
Pratte, Biron Ste. Genevieve
Pratte, Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Pratte, J. B. Ste. Genevieve
Prele, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Presans, Pascalle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Presse, Joph. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Price, Augustin St. Charles
Price, Frederick St. Charles
Price, George St. Charles
Price, Jacob St. Charles
Price, John Ste. Genevieve
Price, Koonrod St. Charles
Price, Michael St. Charles
Price, Risdon H.
Prieest, James Signed with 'X'
Priest, James
Prieur, [unk] St. Charles
Provenche, Louis Signed with 'X'
Provenchere, P. St. Charles
Pujot, Batis. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Pussley, George St. Charles
Quick, Tunas
Quienelle, Etien Ste. Genevieve, signed with 'X'
Quisnelle, Michell St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Rairdon, Robt. Ste. Genevieve
Ramey, Jamea
Ramey, Mathew
Ramsey, Andrew
Ramsey, Andrew, Jr.
Ramsey, Jame
Ramsey, John Signed with 'X'
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, William, Jr.
Ramsey, William, Sr.
Randall, Abraham Signed with 'X'
Randall, Anthony Signed with 'X'
Randall, Saml Signed with 'X'
Randol, Enos Signed with 'X'
Randol, James
Rapieux, Joseph St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Rareden, John
Rareden, Thomas, Sr.
Rawls, Amos
Rawls, Hardy
Rawls, Hardy
Reaves, John
Reed, Andrew C.
Reed, Jacob Ste. Genevieve
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Robert
Reed, Thomas
Reed, William
Reed, Willm.
Remey, William
Renger, Josphe Ste. Genevieve
Reynal, Antoine, Jr. St. Charles
Reynal, Antoine, Sr. St. Charles
Reynolds, John
Rhodes, Claiborne
Richard, Joseph
Richardson, Daniel St. Charles
Richardson, James
Richardson, Jesse
Richardson, John
Richardson, Larkin
Richoson, James
Rickman, John
Ridenour, Hennery
Ried, Charles Signed with 'X'
Rigdon, Abijah Ste. Genevieve
Rinoy, Thomas
Risher, John
Ritchason, Amos
Rivare, Jh. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Rivierre, Philipe Signed with 'X'
Roberge, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Robert, Charles Signed with 'X'
Robert, Hippolite Ste. Genevieve
Robert, Paul Ste. Genevieve
Robert, Paul Signed with 'X'
Robert, Phi.
Roberts, David
Robertson, Andrew, Sr.
Robertson, Edward Signed with 'X'
Robertson, Edward
Robertson, John Signed with 'X'
Robertson, John R. Signed with 'X'
Robertson, John, Jr.
Robertson, William
Robidoux, Joseph
Robinson, John H.
Robinson, William
Robison, Andrew
Robison, John
Rochefort, Charles Ste. Genevieve
Rock, Peter
Rodney, Martin
Rodney, Thomas S.
Rogan, Bernard
Rogers, Ezekel
Rogers, Samuel
Roi, Pre. Signed with 'X'
Romine, Christy
Romine, John
Roque, M. A. St. Charles
Ross, Robert
Ross, Stephen
Rourk, Amos
Rourke, John St. Charles
Roussin, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Rowzee, Ralph
Roy, Julien St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Roy, Louis Signed with 'X'
Roye, Fracois St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Ruddell, Abraham
Ruddell, George
Ruddell, John
Russ, Thomas
Russ, William Ste. Genevieve
Russell, William
Rutgers, Ad. St. Charles
Sabourin, Paul
Sainte Marie, Bourbon Signed with 'X'
Sainte Marie, Etienne
Sainte Marie, Francois, Sr.
Saloir, Joseph Signed with 'X'
Sampson, Alexander Signed with 'X'
Sapenton, Richard
Sappington, Thomas
Sappington, Zephaniah
Sarpy, Gre.
Saucier, Mth. St. Charles
Saucier, Mth., fils Fils is French for Jr.
Saugrain, A.
Saunders, Robert
Saurino, Jh. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Savage, Wm. Signed with 'X'
Savoy, Bt. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Savoye, H. St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Schultz, Christoph
Scot, Andrew
Scot, James
Scott, John St. Charles
Scruggs, James
Seaburd, George Ste. Genevieve
Seeley, John Ste. Genevieve
Seely, Jacob
Seely, John N.
Seely, Jonas
Seely, William Signed with 'X'
Seiguin, Josep
Selans, Edward Signed with 'X'
Senecal, Ante. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Seresseau, Joseph
Shaehler, Philip Signed with 'X'
Shahler, Frederich Signed with 'X'
Shandy, Jacob
Shannon, George
Sharp, Abraham
Shattrow, Joseph
Shelby, Reese Signed with 'X'
Shell, Ben
Shook, Jacob
Shuler, Philip
Sibley, George C.
Simms, Charles
Simonds, Nathl.
Simpson, John St. Charles
Simson, John Signed with 'X'
Sinklar, William
Sinkler, John
Sinkler, Joseph
Skerrett, Isidor
Smirl, George
Smirl, John
Smirl, Thomas
Smitch, Jon
Smith, Barney
Smith, Clinen Signed with 'X'
Smith, George
Smith, John
Smith, John, Jr.
Smith, John, Sr.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Thomas St. Charles
Smith, Wm. Signed with 'X'
Smyth, Francis St. Charles
Sojourner, Lewis St. Charles
Somes, Martin
Soulard, Antoine
Spears, Nele
Spence, William
Sprigg, Rob. Ste. Genevieve
Spurgin, William
Squire, Michael St. Charles
St. Andre, Colas Signed with 'X'
St. Andre, Jean Signed with 'X'
St. Cyr, Yaisinthe
St. Garmin, Louis St. Charles, signed with 'X'
St. Gem, Vital Ste. Genevieve
St. Gemme, Beauvais Ste. Genevieve
St. Gemmes, Berthelemis Ste. Genevieve
St. Jean, Louis Signed with 'X'
St. Pierre, Etienne
Starnater, John
Statelar, George
Stats, M. C.
Steele, And.
Steerman, Thomas
Steinbeck, Daniel
Stephenson, John
Stern, Peter
Steward, John
Steward, William St. Charles
Stewart, John
Still, Jeremiah W.
Stockstill, Joshua
Strickland, Joab
Stringer, Daniel
Strother, B. Ste. Genevieve
Strother, French Ste. Genevieve
Strother, William Ste. Genevieve
Stuert, James Signed with 'X'
Sturgus, James A.
Sulans, Nathan
Sullens, Jon., Sr.
Sullens, Richard
Sullons, John, Jr. St. Charles
Summers, Jno.
Tallent, James
Tansy, Levy
Tanzy, Joshua
Taumier, Jean Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Taylor, George Signed with 'X'
Taylor, Jesse
Taylor, Oliver Ste. Genevieve
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Samuel Signed with 'X'
Tayon, Charle St. Charles
Tayon, Charles, fils St. Charles, fils is French for Jr.
Tayon, Louis St. Charles
Tebou, Bapt.
Teich, Nicolaus
Tellier, Armant Ste. Genevieve
Terry, Benjamin
Tesserau, Joseph Ste. Genevieve
Tesson, Michel Signed with 'X'
Tesson, Noel Signed with 'X'
Thebaut, Chl.
Theel, Levi
Thibault, Francois Ste. Genevieve
Thomas, Clabourn
Thomas, James
Thomas, Mark
Thompson, Isaac
Thompson, Joseph
Thomson, Isaac
Thomson, James
Thomson, Jerimiah
Thomson, Thomas
Thomson, William
Tibeau, Bte. Signed with 'X'
Tibeau, Fs. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Tibeau, Jh. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Tison, Jean Baptite
Tonnellier, [unk]
Tourville, Toussaint St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Townsend, John
Towsan, John Battee
Troge, Pier St. Charles
Trote, Julien Ste. Genevieve
Troter, David
Troter, James
Trotter, Robert
Trudelle, Augte. St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Truteau, J. Bte.
Tucker, John Signed with 'X'
Tucker, Joseph
Tucker, Josephus
Tucker, Peter
Twentyman, Thomas
Vachare, Antoin
Vale, Pascalle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Vale', Charle St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Valle, Baz. Ste. Genevieve
Valle, Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Valle, Fcois Bte.
Valle, Frois Ste. Genevieve
Valle, J. Bte. Ste. Genevieve
Valle, John B. Ste. Genevieve
Vallee, Charles Ste. Genevieve
Valois, Fcois
Van Bibber, James St. Charles
Vanamburgh, Benj. L.
Vance, Moese
Vanden Bunden, Jh.
Vaughan, Daniel
Velker, Henry Signed with 'X'
Vernon, Jas.
Villars, Antne.
Villenave, Louis Ste. Genevieve
Villon, Augutin St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Vinens, Thomas
Virdian, William Signed with 'X'
Visin, Alexy St. Charles, signed with 'X'
Voisare, Joseph St. Charles, , signed with 'X'
Votars, Isaac
Wadkins, John
Waigle, Abraham Signed with 'X'
Walder, Daniel
Walder, Laurat
Walker, Benj. Ste. Genevieve
Walker, John St. Charles
Walker, Laken
Wallis, Geo.
Ward, John
Ward, William
Waring, Nathel.
Washbourn, Paul, Jr.
Waters, Richd. Jones
Waters, Robert G.
Waters, Thos.
Weaver, John
Welborn, James
Welborn, Thos.
Welch, Ilijo Signed with 'X'
Wells, John Ste. Genevieve
Wentzell, David D.
Wescott, Robt.
Westover, Job
Wheat, Conrad, Jr.
Wheat, Conrad, Sr.
Wheat, Jacob
Wheaton, Conrad
White, Joseph
Whitley, Paul
Whitley, T. St. Charles
Whitside, Thomas
Wickerham, Jacob
Wickerham, Jacob, Jr.
Wickerham, Quillar
Wideman, Francis
Wideman, John
Wideman, Marke
Wieland, George
Wiley, John Signed with 'X'
Williams, Isaac Signed with 'X'
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, John, Sr.
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Maurice
Williams, Micager
Williams, Thos.
Williams, William
Williams, William
Willson, John
Willson, Samuel
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Jonithen Signed with 'X'
Wilson, Wm.
Wimet, Amable St. Ferdinand, signed with 'X'
Winchester, Wm.
Wingfield, Owoen
Winston, Jacque Ste. Genevieve
Wise, Jacob Ste. Genevieve
Wiseman, Jonathan
Wood, Abner Signed with 'X'
Wood, Jona.
Wood, William
Woodlan, Wm.
Woods, Andw.
Woods, Francis
Woods, Martin
Woods, Zadock
Woolf, George
Woolford, Frederick
Wooloms, Bartholume St. Charles
Wooloms, Bartholume, Jr. St. Charles
Wooloms, John St. Charles
Worley, John
Worthington, John
Worthington, Thomas
Wright, James W. Ste. Genevieve
Wright, Thos.
Yont, Henry Signed with 'X'
Yont, Jacob Signed with 'X'
Yont, John Signed with 'X'
Yostie, Emilian
Young, Edward
Young, James Ste. Genevieve
Young, Lewis
Young, McKey
Younge, Robert
Zeumwalt, Adam
Zeumwalt, Christopher, Jr.
Zeumwalt, Christopher, Sr.
Zeumwalt, Jacob
Zeumwalt, John
Zeumwalt, Peter
Zumwalt, Andrew St. Charles

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