War of 1812
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War of 1812

Many St. Louis residents participated in the War of 1812. Some of the veterans’ family members later participated in the St. Louis Pioneer Chapter, National Society United Daughters of 1812.

The names of the charter members are included in this index, along with some additional information about each veteran’s service and life.

Dr. W. M. Shankland provided this information for publication in the 1992 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 25, number 3, pages 75–76.


Charter Members of Veterans of 1812 Society

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NameMilitary UnitNotes
Daley, John Marine Corps, U. S. Army. When the Society was formed he was a ship chandler; no record after the Civil War.
English, Elkanah 10th Regiment, U. S. Infantry. Came to St. Louis, Missouri, ca 1816 with others associated with early carpentry, copper work, and tin-fabricating. Later went into the brewing trade. Died at his home, Fourth & Cerre. Life dates: 1787-1866.
Harmon, Henry Flying Artillery under General Peter B. Porter's Brigade, Norfolk, Va. No Further identification.
Hawken, Samuel 1st Regiment of Maryland Militia. Came to St. Louis with his brother Jacob ca 1821 and opened a gun shop where the famous Hawken Rifles were produced. Late in life he retired to his ''Echo Farm'' off Lemay Ferry Road. Life dates: 1792-1884.
Hequembourg, Charles 37th Regiment, Connecticut Militia. A jeweler on Spruce Street when the Society was organized; members of his family lived in the area through the 1900's, were lawyers and active in Bonhomme Township politics.
Johnston, John J. 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Line. No further identification.
Kennerly, George Hancock 1st Lieut., 2nd U. S. Infantry, Jefferson Barracks. A prominent St. Louisan, brother-in-law of Gov. William Clark; his wife Alzire was a daughter of Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pierre Menard. Life dates 1790-1867.
Lyon, Timothy 31st Regiment, U. S. Infantry. No further identification. Died in St. Louis in April 1868, ''age 71.'' Buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery.
Marsh, Darius 15th Regiment, Light Dragoons, New York Militia. When the Society was organized, he was the city's Market Master but no subsequent identification has been found. Died of dysentery 28 Sep 1864, in his 69th year.
Menard, Pierre See Kennerly, George Hancock
Napes, James 1st Regiment, New York Rifles. No Further identification.
Postal, William New York, Blakesly Regiment of Infantry. A small son ''William C. and Cecelia Postal'' died in St. Louis in February 1861.
Ranney, Nathan, Gen. A very prominent St. Louisan whose life has been well publicized. Life dates: 1797-1876.
Robinson, Gordon 41st U. S. Infantry. No further identification.
Rohr, George 3rd Regiment, Stansbury's Brigade, Baltimore Volunteers. No Further identification.
Roques, John D. 25th Regiment, U. S. Infantry. He owned a small (unidentified) business on Main Street in St. Louis in the 1850's and then disappears from further notice.
Shepard, Elihu First Regiment of U.S. Rifles. Came to St. Louis in 1823, and became a prominent citizen. Life dates: 1795-1876.
Snowden, Henry, Capt. 6th Regiment, Maryland Cavalry. No Further identification.
Warrance, William 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was living in Mount Pleasant, Missouri when his daughter-in-law died at his home there in July 1863.
Wise, Frederick Augustus Light Artillery, 22nd U. S. Infantry and the Union Artillery Company of Baltimore. Came to St. Louis County ca 1830 and lived in the vicinity of St. Charles Rock Road; he also owned land in Gasconade County. His children intermarried with such other pioneer families as Link, Goodfellow, Phillips, and Lasley. He was a member of Fee Fee Baptist Church. Life dates: 1789-1869.
Wise, John 51st Regiment, Maryland Militia No proof of relationship to Frederick Augustus Wise, but they were both from Maryland.

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