Frank Blair Post No. 1, GAR 1905 Index
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Grand Army of the Republic 1905 Index

Many men in St. Louis served in the Civil War. While some served in the Confederacy, most were part of the Union Army. After the war, Union veterans formed a fraternal organization called the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).


The roster of the Frank P. Blair Post No. 1 as of 5 April 1905 has been indexed. The names of the veterans and their unit(s) are included in the index. This roster also indicates that these veterans were still living as of that date.

Civil War Pension Records

Original Civil War pension records are available at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. You can order the pension files online at the National Archives Military website.

This information was published in the 1970 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 3, number 2, pages 62–68.

Frank P. Blair Post No. 1, Department of Missouri G.A.R.

Showing records 21 to 45 of 631.

NameRank & Service
Bartlett, E. P. 1st Ass. Eng., U. S. N.
Bauer, F. D. Private, G, 15th Mo. Inf.
Bauer, Hy. Private, F. 3d Mo. Inf.
Bauer, John Corporal. C, 1st Mo. Inf.
Becker, Otto W, Private, F, 23d Mo. Inf.
Becker, Otto W. Paymaster U. S. A.
Behne, J. E. Private, C, 3d U.S. R. C. , Mo.
Behnke, Chas. Private, H. 178th N. Y. Inf.
Bennert, Peter Private, D, 68th N. Y. Inf.
Bennert, Peter Private. K, 12th N. Y. Inf.
Bennett, Chas. Captain, B, 63rd N. Y. Inf.
Benva, John Private, H, 146th Ind. Inf.
Berwinkle, Geo. Private, G, 2d Md. Vet. Inf.
Beuthe, Geo. L. Private, A, 2d Mo. Inf.
Beuthe, Geo. L. Sergent, C, 12th Mo. Inf.
Beuthe, Geo. L. Sergt., H, 4th U.S. R. C., Mo.
Bi_binger, F. W. Private, A, 2d U. S. R. C. , Mo.
Bigot, G. E. Drum. __. Benton Cadets. Mo. -
Billmeyer, Louis Private, C. 2d U. S. R. C., Mo.
Billmeyer, Louis Private, D. 2d Mo. Lt. Art.
Blanchard, H. Private, 53d Ky. Mt. Inf.
Blattner, Rud. Private, E. U. S. R. C., Mo.
Block, F. L. Priv A & E. 2d Mo. Lt. Art.
Block, Jacob Private, K. 12th Mo. Inf.
Block, , Jacob Private, M. _th Mo. Inf.

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