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UCC Clergy

This listing is first sorted by the name of the church, and then by the name(s) of the clergy within each church.

United Church of Christ Clergy

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Austmann, L. Bethany Evangelical 1878-1885
Brueckner, F. Bethany Evangelical 1900-1910
Deters, H. F. Bethany Evangelical 1887-1900
Grunewald, Harold C. Bethany Evangelical 1962-Unknown
Krafft, Frederick H. Bethany Evangelical 1911-1937
Kramer, J. Bethany Evangelical 1885-1887
Luehrman, E. W. Bethany Evangelical 1953-1955
Ostendorf, Eugene F. Bethany Evangelical 1966
Scheer, Walter A. Bethany Evangelical 1938-1963
Stark, C. F. Bethany Evangelical 1867-1878
Stevens, Charles L. Bethany Evangelical 1957-1961
Stout, Robert C. Bethany Evangelical 1963-1966
Grabowski, Walter M. Bethel Evangelical 1950
Krieger, Harley A. Bethel Evangelical 1964-Unknown
Meyer, J. P. Bethel Evangelical 1918-1935
Miller, Richard A. Bethel Evangelical 1936-1949
Mueller, Theophile L. Bethel Evangelical 1901-1917
Nussman, Oscar C. Bethel Evangelical 1951-1959
Schulz, Harold A. Bethel Evangelical 1960-1964
Graebedinkel, Henry C. Bethlehem Evangelical 1890-1907
Kochheim, H. Bethlehem Evangelical 1927-1928
Nottrott, Karl Bethlehem Evangelical 1915-1927
Waldmann, Otto Bethlehem Evangelical 1907-1915
Lammert, L. H. Calvary UCC 1936-Unknown
Auler, Harold Caroline Mission 1915-1918
Binder, August E. Caroline Mission 1918-1927
Damm, Henry J. Caroline Mission 1929-1942
Daniels, William H. Caroline Mission 1952-Unknown
Raber, Rudolph Caroline Mission 1950-1952
Rasche, Carl C. Caroline Mission 1943-1948
Scholze, William E. Caroline Mission 1927-1929
Siegenthaler, Carl Caroline Mission 1948-1950
Sunkel, George Caroline Mission 1918
Alrich, R. Carondelet Evangelical 1946-1955
Baltzer, W. C. Carondelet Evangelical 1955-1960
Berger, E. Carondelet Evangelical 1882-1888
Bleibtreu, E. L. Carondelet Evangelical 1896-1934
Hoffman, J. Carondelet Evangelical 1888-1896
Mueller, A. Carondelet Evangelical 1872-1881
Nagy, Frank Carondelet Evangelical 1960-1967
Schmiechen, S. J. Carondelet Evangelical 1935-1945
Weygold, F. Carondelet Evangelical 1870-1872
Buenger, S. F. Ebenezer Evangelical Unknown
Fischer, Arthur Ebenezer Evangelical 1901-1912
Franke, Arno H. Ebenezer Evangelical 1935-1943
Fritsch, Carl Ebenezer Evangelical 1886-1890
Haas, H. F. Carl Ebenezer Evangelical 1921-1935
Habecker, Max Ebenezer Evangelical 1894-1898
Helling, Elmer P. Ebenezer Evangelical 1943
John, Samuel A. Ebenezer Evangelical 1890-1894
Kroehnke, John Ebenezer Evangelical 1898-1901
Suedmeyer, Louis Ebenezer Evangelical 1912-1920
Esser, F. W. Eden Evangelical 1894-1896
Fritsch, Carl Eden Evangelical 1910-1912
Hinze, Robert M. Eden Evangelical 1917-1919
Pfeiffer, Paul Eden Evangelical 1899-1904
Schneider, Karl L. Eden Evangelical 1912-1917, 1919-Unknown
Uhrland, Walter E. Eden Evangelical 1905-1910
Schmidt, Paul L. Eden-Immanuel Evangelical 1936-Unknown
Schneider, Karl Eden-Immanuel Evangelical 1919-1935
Bohnenkamper, Carl Emmaus Evangelical 1937-1965
Fluent, Allen Emmaus Evangelical 1965-1972
Pleger, Karl Emmaus Evangelical 1896-1937
Alberswerth, Roy Faith-Salem UCC 1959-1965
Brandenburg, Fred Faith-Salem UCC 1965-1966
Dissiler, Richard Faith-Salem UCC 1959
Drewer, Thomas G. Faith-Salem UCC 1976-1981
Eichhorn, Bill Faith-Salem UCC 1965-1966
Rahmeier, Paul Faith-Salem UCC 1943-1945
Schmiechen, Kurt J. Faith-Salem UCC 1945-1959
Schroer, A. Hale Faith-Salem UCC Unknown
Schupp, Eugene Faith-Salem UCC 1966-1975
Strong, Robert W. Faith-Salem UCC 1982
Duff, Robert E. First Congregational UCC 1987-1990
George, Joseph Henry First Congregational UCC 1891-1897, 1918-1922
Hay, Ellis Walker First Congregational UCC 1945-1953
Holton, Horace F. First Congregational UCC 1912-1918
Hyslop, Frederick William First Congregational UCC 1940-1944
Interim, Cynthia S. Bumb, First Congregational UCC 1995-1996
Interim, David W. Hohmann, First Congregational UCC 1990-1991
Interim, George Sonneborn, First Congregational UCC 1986-1987
Interim, John Nourse, First Congregational UCC 2004-2005
Jordan, Albert H. First Congregational UCC 1907-1911
Jr., George Coxe Bland, First Congregational UCC 1996-2004
McElroy, Paul Simpson First Congregational UCC 1953-1971
McLeod, Thomas B. First Congregational UCC 1905-1907
Mellish, William Stanley First Congregational UCC 1971-1986
Merrill, James G. First Congregational UCC 1882-1889
Nichols, Jeffrey T. First Congregational UCC 1991-1995
Palmer, W. S. First Congregational UCC 1889-1891
Patton, Cornelius H. First Congregational UCC 1898-1904
Porter, Robert First Congregational UCC 1932-1940
Post, Truman Marcellus First Congregational UCC 1852-1882
Timmons, Wofford Colquitt First Congregational UCC 1922-1932
Wilson, Ann Asper First Congregational UCC 2006-Unknown
Baltzer, Otto Friedens Evangelical 1899-1906
Engelsdorfer, Delvin T. Friedens Evangelical 1968-Unknown
Koch, Erwin Friedens Evangelical 1959-1967
Kopf, J. M. Friedens Evangelical 1857-1899
Mehl, Martha Friedens Evangelical 1978-Unknown
Nolte, Robert A. Friedens Evangelical 1958-1977
Oberhellmann, Theo. Friedens Evangelical 1906-1920
Press, Paul Friedens Evangelical 1921-1950
Schmidt, John L. Friedens Evangelical 1951-1958
Riess, J. J. German Evangelical 1846-1848
Baltzer, Adoolph German Evangelical-South 1847-1848
Brandon, William Grace Evangelical 1938-1958
Buenemann, Erwin Grace Evangelical 1928-1938
Eichenlaub, Lorenz Grace Evangelical 1959-1964
Grueninger, Walter Grace Evangelical 1965-1970
McNamara, Robert Grace Evangelical 1971-1989
Abele, Ralph C. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1931-1964
Braun, Theodore C. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1925-1931
Braun, Theodore F. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1914-1921
Buttner, Johann Georg Holy Ghost Evangelical 1835-1836
Eberhard, John G. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1867-1895
Fluent, Allen Holy Ghost Evangelical 1964
Ilgen, Reinhold M. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1896-1914
Kopf, Johann H. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1836
Korndorfer, Christian R. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1834-1835
Krebs, Hugo Holy Ghost Evangelical 1855-1866
Mueller, Th. L. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1921-1925
Picker, Frederick Holy Ghost Evangelical 1843-1855
Schroeder, Alfred Walter Holy Ghost Evangelical 1964-Unknown
Stark, Christoph Holy Ghost Evangelical 1866-1867
Wall, George W. Holy Ghost Evangelical 1836-1843
Bode, G. Immanuel Evangelical 1901-1919
Fischer, Arthur Immanuel Evangelical 1899-1901
Pfeiffer, Fritz Immanuel Evangelical 1897-1899
Pleger, Karl Immanuel Evangelical 1892-1897
Boehrig, G. Independent Evangelical Protestant 1894-1900
Burkhalter, Don J. W. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
D'Arden, Andre Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Forest, Jack D. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Gerber, P. G. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Hinson, Howard W. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Jonas, John F. Independent Evangelical Protestant 1877-1894, 1900
Lapiue, A. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Lorenzen, P. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Picker, Frederick Independent Evangelical Protestant 1855-1859
Polster, Toby Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Reese, J. G. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Richards, Robert W. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Roeder, P. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Smith, Toney C. Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Thomas, Walter Independent Evangelical Protestant Unknown
Fink, J. J. Jesus Church 1897-1912
Pincher, Carl Jesus Church 1894-1897
Simon, Wm. F. Jesus Church 1912-1967
Stock, Dennis P. Jesus Church 1967-Unknown
Ostendorf, Eugene F. Kirkwood Evangelical UCC 1978-Unknown
Roth, Michael R. Kirkwood Evangelical UCC 1978-Unknown
Schroeder, John F. Kirkwood Evangelical UCC 1951-1961
Sommer, Otto E. Kirkwood Evangelical UCC 1961-1969
Watson, Larry M. Kirkwood Evangelical UCC 1969-1978
Crusius, Helmut Messiah 1926-1927
Rueker, August Messiah 1924-1926
Stueler, Askan Messiah 1927
Crusius, Richard E. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1969-Unknown
Hotz, Walter A. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1964-1968
Kochheim, Hans Mount Tabor Evangelical 1928-1931
Laaser, Robert O. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1956-1964
Lammert, Louis E. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1970-1972
Miller, Richard Mount Tabor Evangelical 1932-1935
Rahmeier, Paul Mount Tabor Evangelical 1945-1956
Schmidt, John L. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1936-1945
Twente, Theophil H. Mount Tabor Evangelical 1961-1972
Boeker, L. C. Nazareth Evangelical 1911-1913
Gaum, Chester W. Nazareth Evangelical 1949-1974
Hehl, Gustav Nazareth Evangelical 1906-1908
Jaeger, E. R. Nazareth Evangelical 1908-1911
Knapp, George W. Nazareth Evangelical 1945-1948
Poth, George M. Nazareth Evangelical 1913-1935, 1938-1945
Schmidt, William Nazareth Evangelical 1903-1906
Schroerluke, O. P. Nazareth Evangelical 1935-1938
Sova, LaVerne Nazareth Evangelical 1974-1978
Arcularius, E. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1841-1845
Baur, F. W. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1897-1931
Delweau, F. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1872-1874
Doehring, B. F. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1861-1863
Fotch, Martin Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1864-1870
Grabau, B. F. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1888-1897
Irion, Christian Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1880-1887
Karbach, P. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1874-1880
Koewing, J. F. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1854-1860
Neuschmidt, J. G. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1870-1872
Wall, G. W. Parkway United UCC [united redundant??] 1836-1837
Brandon, William Pilgrim Evangelical 1933-1939
Braun, Alfred F. Pilgrim Evangelical 1939-1950
Kramer, Carl Pilgrim Evangelical 1914-1933
Thayer, Don Pilgrim Evangelical 1959-Unknown
Westerbeck, E. J. Pilgrim Evangelical 1950-1953
Alspach, Wills M. Redeemer Evangelical 1969-1993
Baur, Theo Redeemer Evangelical 1914
Decker, Charles Redeemer Evangelical 1912-1914
Dohm, George E. Jr. Redeemer Evangelical 1999-2003
Duffy-Guy, Kevin Redeemer Evangelical 1993-1998
Duffy-Guy, Maureen Redeemer Evangelical 1993-1998
Duval, George Redeemer Evangelical 1914-1916
Edom, Frank Redeemer Evangelical 1960-1966
Friz, Helmut R. Redeemer Evangelical 1918-1972
Jaeger, E. R. Redeemer Evangelical 1910-1912
Jeschke, W. Marion Redeemer Evangelical 1917-1918
Press, S. D. Redeemer Evangelical 1916-1917
Ansley, E. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1944-1947
Fink, J. J. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1886-1897
Friz, Adolph Salem Reformed Evangelical 1957-1978
Friz, Adolph Sr. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1964-1968
Horstmeier, William F. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1888-1907
Huenemann, R. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1938-1944
Langhorst, Paul Salem Reformed Evangelical 1917-1925
Levengood, A. J. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1923-1929
Overbeck, John H. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1925-1942
Robrock, H. B. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1907-1915
Schulz, John Salem Reformed Evangelical 1968-Unknown
Selzers, L. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1915-1923
Settlage, William A. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1930-1938
Tuenge, T. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1948-1949
Walz, Herman Salem Reformed Evangelical 1897-1917
Young, Robert J. Salem Reformed Evangelical 1942-1957
Albrecht, Samuel Salvator 1918-1919
Fritsch, Carl Salvator 1920-1926
Koenig, Herman Salvator 1906-1909
Niebuhr, H. Richard Salvator 1917-1918
Pollmann, Jesse Salvator 1964-Unknown
Prell, Paul Salvator 1926-1964
Reichert, J. Salvator 1909-1917
Flucke, John Samuel Evangelical 1935-1949
Freund, Harold Samuel Evangelical 1931-1934
Groene, Jeff Samuel Evangelical 2001-Unknown
Laurie, William Samuel Evangelical 1957-1962
Mize, Charles Samuel Evangelical 1986-1995
Oberhellman, Theo Samuel Evangelical 1925-1930
Pantermuehl, Roland Samuel Evangelical 1950-1957
Pfeiffer, Carl Samuel Evangelical 1908-1920
Schroer, Hale Samuel Evangelical 1962-1972
Schultz, John Samuel Evangelical 1996-2000
Uhdau, Theo Samuel Evangelical 1905-1908
Van Ausdall, Charles Samuel Evangelical 1972-1985
Weithaus, H. Samuel Evangelical 1920-1925
Meyer, J. J. Second English Evangelical 1913-1915
Schlinkmann, W. H. Second English Evangelical 1915-1919
Beier, Theodore E. St. Andrew 1949-1959
Boesch, T. L. St. Andrew 1940-1949
Brethauer, H. A. St. Andrew 1921-1926
Grunwald, Donald C. St. Andrew 1959-Unknown
Kramer, Carl St. Andrew 1899-1913
Nussmann, G. St. Andrew 1914-1919
Pfundt, E. St. Andrew 1919-1921
Schenk, F. E. J. St. Andrew 1926-1940
Schneider, John E. St. Andrew 1929-1940
Biegener, E. M. St. Jacobi Church-Jennings Unknown
Braun, Theodore St. James German 1912-1938
Flotron, John R. St. James German 1961-1966
Haas, C. G. St. James German 1886-1903
Kopf, J. M. St. James German 1869-1885
Nollau, L. G. St. James German 1903-1912
Schaefer, F. W. St. James German 1938-1946
Stahlhut, Herbert E. St. James German 1947-1960
Wilson, Paul St. James German 1966-1970
Alberswerth, A. F. St. John's Evangelical 1935-1950
Baur, Friederich St. John's Evangelical 1885-1891
Berdau, Emil St. John's Evangelical 1906-1920
Bettex, E. Th. St. John's Evangelical 1897-1901
Beyer, R. E. B. St. John's Evangelical 1876-1877
Bode, Henry St. John's Evangelical 1889-1905
Brandon, Richard St. John's Evangelical 1970-2005
Dean, Joseph St. John's Evangelical 1974-1981
Froeschner, Robert St. John's Evangelical 1947-1985
Gaebe, J. W. St. John's Evangelical 1911-1934
Gerber, John St. John's Evangelical 1841-1842
Grabau, C. F. St. John's Evangelical 1905-1910
Haas, Louis J. St. John's Evangelical 1899-1906
Haberle, Louis St. John's Evangelical 1862-1879
Haefele, Theo. A. St. John's Evangelical 1919-1947
Hanff, A. St. John's Evangelical 1871-1871
Henniger, W. F. St. John's Evangelical 1884-1885
Hunger, Phillip St. John's Evangelical 1991-2000
Jann, John St. John's Evangelical 1885
Judt, Fr. St. John's Evangelical 1856-1859
Kampmeier, W. St. John's Evangelical 1851-1856
Kies, C. St. John's Evangelical 1871-1872
Kies, G. St. John's Evangelical 1871-1872
Klemme, F. St. John's Evangelical 1901-1919
Koch, Ralph St. John's Evangelical 1950-1957
Koewing, Johann F. St. John's Evangelical 1860-1870
Mueller, G. St. John's Evangelical 1879-1897
Munzemeier, G. St. John's Evangelical 1857
Neuschmidt, J. G. St. John's Evangelical 1870-1871
Nollau, E. Louis St. John's Evangelical 1838-1846, 1850-1852
Riess, J. J. St. John's Evangelical 1853-1855
Schlundt, Johann F. St. John's Evangelical 1877-1884
Schlundt, John F. St. John's Evangelical 1877-1884
Schrenck, Christian St. John's Evangelical 1858-1863
Stanger, J. G. St. John's Evangelical 1859-1864
Stoffel, W. St. John's Evangelical 1872-1876
Tessmer, Herman St. John's Evangelical 1920-1922
Voss, Henry St. John's Evangelical 1899-1906
Wagner, O. Walter St. John's Evangelical 1969-1970
Walker, Allin St. John's Evangelical 1989-1990
Walker, Steven St. John's Evangelical 1983-1988
Wall, G. W. St. John's Evangelical 1846-1850
Waugh, Winston St. John's Evangelical 1973-1974
Will, Johannes St. John's Evangelical 1852-1853
Will, John St. John's Evangelical 1864-1889
Wintermeyer, H. H. St. John's Evangelical 1957-1995
Wobus, Paul A. St. John's Evangelical 1922-1969
Young, Christian St. John's Evangelical 1855-1856
Mueller, J. A. F. W. St. John's Evangelical-Ellisville 1851-Unknown
Allrich, Fred C. St. Lucas Evangelical 1957-1978
Brueggemann, Mary St. Lucas Evangelical Unknown
Fitz, George St. Lucas Evangelical 1965
Kruse, Samuel St. Lucas Evangelical 1882-1925
Langorst, Fred J. St. Lucas Evangelical 1927-1945
Martensen, Glenn St. Lucas Evangelical 1945-1957
Steinhart, Joseph A. St. Lucas Evangelical 1880-1882
Stueler, Askan St. Lucas Evangelical 1925-1927
Zulauf, Richard St. Lucas Evangelical 1978
Anderson, Stanley E. St. Luke's Evangelical 1969-Unknown
Jungk, Wm. Th. St. Luke's Evangelical 1877-1881
Nourse, John B. St. Luke's Evangelical 1964-1968
Rehsteiner, Rev. St. Luke's Evangelical 1870
Reusch, A. St. Luke's Evangelical 1870-1877
Schuch, John N. St. Luke's Evangelical 1926-1935
Walser, Henry St. Luke's Evangelical 1881-1926
Weltge, Wm. B. St. Luke's Evangelical 1936-1964
Baltzer, A. St. Marcus German Evangelical 1848
Binner, W. St. Marcus German Evangelical 1849-1850
Boesch, Telfair St. Marcus German Evangelical 1949-1980
Braschler, Henry St. Marcus German Evangelical 1867-1875
Eilts, E. H. St. Marcus German Evangelical 1894-1921
Hoffman, Julius St. Marcus German Evangelical 1875-1877
Leibner, Erich E. St. Marcus German Evangelical 1921-1949
Meier, Jacob St. Marcus German Evangelical 1848-1849
Nollau, John St. Marcus German Evangelical 1877-1885
Nollau, Louis St. Marcus German Evangelical 1885-1894
Wall, G. W. St. Marcus German Evangelical 1850-1867
Alberswerth, A. F. St. Matthew's Evangelical 1926-1934
Altenbernd, John St. Matthew's Evangelical 1979-1989
Braschler, Henry St. Matthew's Evangelical 1875-1886
Drees, Henry St. Matthew's Evangelical 1882-1886, 1899-1925
Kramer, Carl St. Matthew's Evangelical 1895-1899
Mittler, F. J. St. Matthew's Evangelical 1951-1979
Newcomb, Brian Q. St. Matthew's Evangelical 1989-1994
Sturm, Carl St. Matthew's Evangelical 1935-1951
Meyer, Johann J. St. Paul-Frieden 1905-1913
Salzmann, Karl St. Paul-Frieden Unknown-1905
Telle, Otto St. Paul-Frieden 1882-Unknown
Anderson, Stanley St. Paul's Evangelical 1950
Baltzer, Adolph St. Paul's Evangelical 1848-1850
Bock, Gerald St. Paul's Evangelical 1979-1986
Bode, Erwin St. Paul's Evangelical 1946-1983
Bode, Paul J. St. Paul's Evangelical 1954-1983
Brey, Rev. St. Paul's Evangelical 1851
Fromm, Wilhelm St. Paul's Evangelical 1860-1863
Gekkler, George St. Paul's Evangelical 1893-1901
Hauck, J. St. Paul's Evangelical 1902-1914
Hermann, T. J. St. Paul's Evangelical 1930-1946
Hoffmann, Julius St. Paul's Evangelical 1883-1887
Hosto, Armin St. Paul's Evangelical 1934-1942
Irion, Jacob St. Paul's Evangelical 1882-1922
John, R. St. Paul's Evangelical 1865-1880
St. Paul's Evangelical 1858-1859
Karau, Keith St. Paul's Evangelical 1994
Knicker, A. St. Paul's Evangelical 1918-1921
Koch, Robert St. Paul's Evangelical 1963-1978
Koewing, F. St. Paul's Evangelical 1882
Kopf, F. M. St. Paul's Evangelical 1853-1857
Krause, R. St. Paul's Evangelical 1880-1881
Liese, S. St. Paul's Evangelical 1851-1853
Lorenz, R. St. Paul's Evangelical 1922-1923
Martin, Wesley W. St. Paul's Evangelical 1943-1949
Nollau, C. St. Paul's Evangelical 1844-1845
Press, Otto St. Paul's Evangelical 1909-1922
Raber, Rudolph W. St. Paul's Evangelical 1984-1992
Reising, Kimron B. St. Paul's Evangelical 1993-Unknown
Richter, C. A. St. Paul's Evangelical 1881
Rieger, N. St. Paul's Evangelical 1888-1892
Schmidt, Gilbert St. Paul's Evangelical 1878-1880
Schmitz, Heinrich St. Paul's Evangelical 1867-1877
Seybold, J. C. St. Paul's Evangelical 1854-1865
Sickbert, Donald S. St. Paul's Evangelical 1951-1962
Stoerker, Paul St. Paul's Evangelical 1922-1930
Telle, O. St. Paul's Evangelical 1881-1882
Vondran, Hugo St. Paul's Evangelical 1915-1917
Vonwargowski, Karl St. Paul's Evangelical 1881-1882
Wall, G. W. St. Paul's Evangelical 1846-1850
Walz, H. St. Paul's Evangelical 1924-1933
Weitbrecht, Gotthilf St. Paul's Evangelical 1852
Will, J. St. Paul's Evangelical 1853-1854
Will, John St. Paul's Evangelical 1864-1866
Arcularius, E. St. Paul's Evangelical UCC 1843-1845
Fayn, S. St. Paul's Evangelical UCC 1881-1889
Knauss, Jacob St. Paul's Evangelical UCC 1845-1846
Koewing, J. F. St. Paul's Evangelical UCC 1854-1859
Stech, Emil St. Paul's Evangelical UCC 1905-1916
Jung, Rev. St. Paul's Evangelical UCC-Lemay 1858-Unknown
Will, John St. Paul's Evangelical UCC-Lemay 1864-Unknown
Biegeleisen, J. St. Peter's Evangelical 1922-1925
Boesch, H. St. Peter's Evangelical 1932-1961
Carpenter, Anthony St. Peter's Evangelical 1970-1972
Cramm, W. J. St. Peter's Evangelical 1925-1928
Daussman, Paul St. Peter's Evangelical 1963-1989
Doenges, O. St. Peter's Evangelical 1928-1932
Dresel, Theodor H. St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Engelsdorfer, Marvin St. Peter's Evangelical 1952-1955
Hackmann, William St. Peter's Evangelical 1908-1926
Hoefer, Elmer St. Peter's Evangelical 1946-1966
Hoeppner, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1918-1920
Hortsmann, J. H. St. Peter's Evangelical 1908
Jung, Ch. St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Kampmeier, W. St. Peter's Evangelical 1852
Kissling, K. St. Peter's Evangelical 1908
Klick, J. F. St. Peter's Evangelical 1885-1908
Knauss, Jakob J. St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Knicker, David St. Peter's Evangelical 1967-1969
Kniker, C. R. St. Peter's Evangelical 1962-1964
Main, Earl St. Peter's Evangelical 1955-1957
Maul, George St. Peter's Evangelical 1852
McNamara, Robert St. Peter's Evangelical 1957-1962
Meyer, Duayne St. Peter's Evangelical 1990-2000
Mohr, H. St. Peter's Evangelical 1906-1916
Nollau, Louis St. Peter's Evangelical 1852-1860
Nollau, Louis E. St. Peter's Evangelical 1852-1860
Orlowshy, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1920-1922
Rasche, August C. St. Peter's Evangelical 1926-1945
Ressler, Thomas St. Peter's Evangelical 2002
Richter, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1903-1906
Riess, Johann J. St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Riess, Konrad St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Roeder, August W. St. Peter's Evangelical 1860-1870
Roes, M. St. Peter's Evangelical 1870-1881
Roos, Ernst St. Peter's Evangelical 1870-1880
Schroer, A. Hale St. Peter's Evangelical 2000-2002
Schunemann, Wilhelm St. Peter's Evangelical 1846-1852
Shalk, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1865-1870
Specht, H. St. Peter's Evangelical 1906-1918
Stark, Ch. F. St. Peter's Evangelical 1864-1865
Stevens, Charles St. Peter's Evangelical 1989-1990
Streit, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1865
Thiele, Albert St. Peter's Evangelical 1880-1885
Toennies, G. G. St. Peter's Evangelical 1881-1902
Wall, Georg W. St. Peter's Evangelical 1843-1845
Wall, George W. St. Peter's Evangelical 1843-1845
Wilke, Rev. St. Peter's Evangelical 1870
Decker, Charles St. Stephen Evangelical 1914-1918
Duecker, Otto St. Stephen Evangelical 1911-1914
Kienker, Otto F. St. Stephen Evangelical 1918-1957
Schroedel, Reinhard St. Stephen Evangelical 1957-1973
Struckmeier, Carl St. Stephen Evangelical 1896-1904
Thompson, I. David St. Stephen Evangelical 1973-Unknown
Waldmann, Otto St. Stephen Evangelical 1904-1907
Warber, Carl St. Stephen Evangelical 1907-1911
Bahnsen, Henry T. Trinity Church 1914-1933
Bode, Paul Trinity Church 1947-1954
Booch, Herman R. Trinity Church 1893-1897
Bosold, Franz Trinity Church 1897-1900
Dickbernd, Elmer H. Trinity Church 1971-1984
Edom, Frank Trinity Church 1957-1959
Esser, F. W. Trinity Church 1900-1914
Gibson, F. Donald Trinity Church 1978-1986
Kasper, Robert E. Trinity Church 1966-1970
Konrad, James H. Trinity Church 1967-1978
Krueger, Earl W. Trinity Church 1959-1965
Malzer, Edward Trinity Church 1961-1963
Priem, Roy R. Trinity Church 1987-1992
Stock, Paul R. Trinity Church 1934-1958
Baltzer, John F. Zion Evangelical 1883-1918
Ebert, Laverne E. Zion Evangelical 1950-1960
Klerner, Henry Zion Evangelical 1876-1883
Koewing, F. W. Zion Evangelical 1872-1876
Kramer, M. Levin Zion Evangelical 1918-1922
Muller, Andrew Zion Evangelical 1868-1872
Toelle, Henry C. Zion Evangelical 1922-1949
Torbitsky, Martin A. Zion Evangelical 1966-Unknown
Waddle, Charles W. Zion Evangelical 1958-1965

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