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UCC Clergy

This listing is first sorted by the name of the church, and then by the name(s) of the clergy within each church.

United Church of Christ Clergy

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Brueckner, F. Bethany Evangelical 1900-1910
Deters, H. F. Bethany Evangelical 1887-1900
Grunewald, Harold C. Bethany Evangelical 1962-Unknown
Krafft, Frederick H. Bethany Evangelical 1911-1937
Kramer, J. Bethany Evangelical 1885-1887
Luehrman, E. W. Bethany Evangelical 1953-1955
Ostendorf, Eugene F. Bethany Evangelical 1966
Scheer, Walter A. Bethany Evangelical 1938-1963
Stark, C. F. Bethany Evangelical 1867-1878
Stevens, Charles L. Bethany Evangelical 1957-1961
Stout, Robert C. Bethany Evangelical 1963-1966
Grabowski, Walter M. Bethel Evangelical 1950
Krieger, Harley A. Bethel Evangelical 1964-Unknown
Meyer, J. P. Bethel Evangelical 1918-1935
Miller, Richard A. Bethel Evangelical 1936-1949
Mueller, Theophile L. Bethel Evangelical 1901-1917
Nussman, Oscar C. Bethel Evangelical 1951-1959
Schulz, Harold A. Bethel Evangelical 1960-1964
Graebedinkel, Henry C. Bethlehem Evangelical 1890-1907
Kochheim, H. Bethlehem Evangelical 1927-1928
Nottrott, Karl Bethlehem Evangelical 1915-1927
Waldmann, Otto Bethlehem Evangelical 1907-1915
Lammert, L. H. Calvary UCC 1936-Unknown
Auler, Harold Caroline Mission 1915-1918
Binder, August E. Caroline Mission 1918-1927

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