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Baptist Churches

Protestant churches often were named based on their location and if a church moved with the membership, the name of the church may have changed accordingly. The street addresses and dates in the following table represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and church histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.


Bradley, Littleton. The Baptist Retired Men’s Fellowship, St. Louis, Missouri, June 1968–May 1988. St. Louis: privately printed, 1988.

Norman, Elva Kuykendall. Biography of a Church: The Early St. Louis Baptist Community 1817–1877 and Delmar Church Which Emerged From It, 1877–1977. St. Louis: Delmar Baptist Church, 1978.

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ChurchesApproximate DatesYears Address TidbitsClergy
Coldwater Church 1809-Open • (see Salem Church)
Compton Heights Baptist 1915-Open • 1915 - 3641 Russell Blvd.
Concord Baptist 1811-1877 • 1850 - Lindbergh Blvd. & Baptist Church Rd., Concord Village
Concord Baptist 1952-Open • 2006 - 13775 Tesson Ferry Rd. at Baptist Church Rd., Concord Village Clergy
Crestwood First Baptist Unknown-Open • 2006 - 9916 E. Watson Rd., Crestwood • This church existed in 1968 and is now called First Baptist Church of Crestwood.
Delmar Baptist 1877-Open • 1892 - Delmar Blvd. & Pendleton St. • 1918 - Washington Ave. & Skinker Blvd. • 2006 - 1001 Municipal Center Dr., Town & Country • This church started as Garrison Ave. Baptist Church. Clergy
Edmundson Road Baptist Unknown-1997 • 1997 - 4450 Edmundson Rd., Edmundson
Fairview Baptist Unknown-Open • 2006 - 5320 College Ave.
Fee Fee Baptist 1807-Open • This church was organized by Rev. Thomas Musick, probably the first Protestant church in Missouri. • 1807 - 11330 St. Charles Rock Rd. at Fee Fee Rd., Bridgeton Clergy
Fenton First Baptist Unknown-Open • 2006 - 650 Oakwood Dr., Fenton • This church existed in 1968 and is now called the First Baptist Church of Fenton.
Ferguson First Baptist Unknown-Open • This church existed in 1968 and is now called First Baptist Church of Ferguson. • 2006 - 333 N. Florissant Rd., Ferguson
First African Baptist 1828-Open • 1884 - 14th & Clark Aves. • 1828 - Almond St. near Fifth Ave. Clergy
First Baptist 1818-1833 • The church opened in 1818 and the members disbanded and joined the Second Baptist Church in 1833. • 1818 - 3rd & Market Sts.
First Baptist Church of Ballwin 1832-Open • This church was organized before 1832; however, that was the official date. Some of the property was obtained from John Ball, founder of Ballwin. Clergy
First Baptist Church of Ellisville 1957-Open • 1957 - 137 Clarkson Rd., Ellisville Clergy
First Baptist Church of Meacham Park 1903-Unknown • Only information at this time is the clergy list Clergy
First Baptist Church of St. John 1938-Open • 1938 - 8665 St. Charles Rock Rd., St. John Clergy
First German Baptist 1849-1917 • 1849 - 2629 Rauschenbach St. • The early congregation was German and Dutch. About 1917 the name was changed to St. Louis Park Baptist.
Florissant Valley Baptist Unknown-Open • 2006 - 1025 N. Highway 67, Florissant
Fourth Baptist 1851-Open • 1851 - 2901 N. 13th St. Clergy
Garrison Avenue Baptist 1877-Merged • This church soon became Delmar Baptist Church. • 1877 - Garrison near Morgan (now Delmar) Clergy
Geyer Road Baptist 1949-Unknown • Only information at this time is the clergy list Clergy
Hanley Road Baptist Unknown-Open • 2006 - 7701 Maryland Ave. at Hanley Rd., Clayton
Harrison Avenue Missionary Baptist 1942-Unknown • Only information at this time is the clergy list Clergy
Hazelwood Baptist 1954-Unknown • Only information at this time is the clergy list Clergy

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