New Mount Sinai Cemetery
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New Mount Sinai Cemetery (N04)

New Mount Sinai Cemetery Association
8430 Gravois Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63123
(314) 353-2540

Jewish Cemetery
Established: 1859
Size: xx.xx acres
Burials indexed: 10.495

Photo taken by Carole Googin © 2011; used with permission.

GPS (Latitude,Longitude): 38.556849,-90.304914        Click here for Google Map to cemetery

The original German minutes since 1868 (and an English typescript, also at the St. Louis Jewish Archives), listing burials and including the identified removals in 1872. A reconstructed single graves book which gives name and location beginning with the earliest burials. A death register, indexed by initial, with entries starting in 1853. All but the minutes were microfilmed in 1972, and the American Jewish Archives holds a copy.

New Mt. Sinai Cemetery Association is a non-profit religious corporation providing mausoleum and in-ground burial arrangements for Jews and non-Jewish spouses throughout the St. Louis area. Owned by B'nai El, Shaare Emeth and Temple Israel, the association was established in 1859.

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Showing records 10441 to 10495 of 10495.

W652 Wronker Benjamin 1/11/1893 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Bertha 7/19/1920 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Flora E 4/27/1966 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Joseph 7/25/1928 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Lottie 1/1/1877 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Mary S 12/2/1947 Mt. Sinai
W652 Wronker Solomon 5/13/1993 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yahlem Elizabeth P 6/1/1923 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yahlem Louis 1/3/1928 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yahlem Pauline 12/22/1909 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yahlem Pearl 9/2/1915 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yalem Arthur 5/26/1976 Mt. Sinai
Y450 Yalem Grace S'Renco 8/1/1994 Mt. Sinai
Y560 Yamer Carolina 4/8/1895 Mt. Sinai
Y320 Yawitz Milton 11/22/1984 Mt. Sinai
Y620 Yorke Harry 4/16/1910 10/18/1950 Mt. Sinai
Y340 Youdel Celia 1876 1/15/1936 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young David E 4/21/1918 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young Emily S 8/30/1953 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young Leah Kopf 1/2/1958 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young Oscar S 1/3/1949 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young Pauline 8/10/1896 Mt. Sinai
Y520 Young Theodore 3/23/1938 Mt. Sinai
Y525 Youngman Charles 4/10/1832 7/17/1918 Mt. Sinai
Y525 Youngman Sarah 10/14/1908 Mt. Sinai
Z320 Zadeck Minnye 3/7/1948 Mt. Sinai
Z420 Zalk Morton 3/19/1986 Mt. Sinai
Z220 Zassack Isaac 5/21/1870 Mt. Sinai
Z352 Zatnyk Hannah Zeve 7/30/1971 Mt. Sinai
Z300 Zeid Nathan 10/3/1954 Mt. Sinai
Z540 Zemel Esther 1879 12/3/1952 Mt. Sinai
Z540 Zemel Max 10/23/1873 3/29/1968 Mt. Sinai
Z545 Zemelman Roscoe E 4/4/1905 8/27/1956 Mt. Sinai
Z500 Zeno Samuel 10/3/1908 Mt. Sinai
Z150 Zepin Pauline 11/19/1872 10/3/1960 Mt. Sinai
Z150 Zepin Samuel 9/5/1925 Mt. Sinai
Z655 Zerman Louis A 3/9/1952 Mt. Sinai
Z655 Zerman Salome Schwarz 6/6/1975 Mt. Sinai
Z100 Zeve William 1881 2/1/1946 Mt. Sinai
Z350 Ziden Bertha L 12/25/1999 Mt. Sinai
Z350 Ziden Max 12/15/1990 Mt. Sinai
Z350 Zidon Aleck 9/27/1967 Mt. Sinai
Z240 Zigel Marie 1/27/1998 Mt. Sinai
Z565 Zimmerman Julius A 12/18/1976 Mt. Sinai
Z565 Zimmerman Ronald R 4/18/1976 Mt. Sinai
Z565 Zimmerman Rose H 11/21/1994 Mt. Sinai
Z435 Zlotnyk Isaac 4/14/1957 Mt. Sinai
Z260 Zucker Harvey A 7/25/1995 Mt. Sinai
Z265 Zuckerman Beatrice R 1/25/1980 Mt. Sinai
Z265 Zuckerman Irwin Meyer 11/10/1976 Mt. Sinai
Z265 Zuckerman Max 11/11/1964 Mt. Sinai
Z265 Zuckerman Paula Bess 2/11/2000 Mt. Sinai
Z265 Zuckerman Sam 10/25/1946 Mt. Sinai
Z250 Zysin Hannah 1/5/1908 Mt. Sinai

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