Second Baptist Church, St. Louis
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Second Baptist Church of St. Louis, 1833-1908

"A Brief History of the Second Baptist Church" begins with missionaries being sent to St. Louis in 1817. It recounts the origins of the First Baptist Church and subsequent founding of Second Baptist. The article includes a list of clergy. The names here include that list and those mentioned elsewhere in the article.

The material was contributed by Ruth Laper, of St. Peters, Illinois, for the St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 6, number 4, pages 79-85.

Names Associated with Second Baptist Church

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Ayers, [unk], Mrs. 6 Jan 1833 Founding member
Babington, Chas. 1906 to 1908 Deacon
Bailey, S. A. 1871 to 1876 Deacon
Barstow, Chas. W. 1888 to 1908 Deacon
Beatty, Rose 6 Jan 1833 Founding member
Bemis, Stephen A. 1875 to 1908 Deacon
Bentley, G. W. 1871 to 1873 Deacon
Bitting, William C. Nov 1905 Pastor
Bonham, J. C. 1864 Missionary
Boyd, Willard W. Jun 1877 to Apr 1887 Pastor
Boyd, Willard W. May 1894 to Dec 1904 Pastor
Brabrook, B. F. Mar to Sep 1841 Pastor
Brady, M. 6 Jan 1833 Founding member Female
Breaker, J. H. 1872 Missionary
Brotherton, Marshal 1855 to 1860 Deacon
Brownell, Frederick B. 1892 to 1898 Deacon
Budlong, Harvey 6 Jan 1833 Founding member
Burlingham, A. H. Dec 1866 to Apr 1877 Pastor
Burton, Joseph 1857 Deacon
Cannon, John M. 1898 Deacon
Chapman, D. H. 1888 Deacon
Cole, Nathan 1858 to 1903 Deacon Died in office.
Conant, A. J. 1864 to 1868, 1874 to 1876 Deacon
Cozzens, Chas. W. 6 Jan 1833 Founding member
Cozzens, Emily W. 6 Jan 1833 Founding member

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