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Kreienkamp Photo List

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The following “rules” apply to all photos:

1. They show the fullest names possible, e.g. at least two names, middle name(s) when available, plus maiden name in parentheses when known.

2. All persons listed in photos are named from left to right from the viewer’s perspective.

3. The persons named on each photo were taken from the handwriting on the back of the photo, confirmation from a relative, or by comparison with other “known” photos of the subject.

Showing records 1 to 410 of 410.

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B1 Sophia Amalie (Bartold) Kreienkamp
C1 George Caesar
C2 Charles Caesar, Mina (Kreienkamp) Caesar, & Ella Caesar
C3 Mattie Caesar
C4 George Caesar
C5 Millie (Caesar) Hardt
C6 Charles Caesar
C7 Louise Caesar
F1 Parthena (Farrar) McCallister & Baby
G1 Mary (Grosch) Botts
G2 “Gus” Grah
G3 Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G4 Walter “Dee” Goodwin & Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Summer, 1940
G5 Walter “Dee” Goodwin & car. 1928
G6 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Walter “Dee” Goodwin, & Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G7 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Walter “Dee” Goodwin, & Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G8 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G9 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny @ 4years, 9 months. July, 1925
G10 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G11 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G12 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny & Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, 1928
G13 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G14 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
G15 Mary (Grosch) Botts & Husband
G16 Emelyn (Goodwin) Halbach, Winter, 1927
G17 Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G18 Bill Rosentreter & Gustaf Grah
G19 Amanda (Grah) Rosentreter & family
G20 Unknown Grah
G21 Laura Louise (Grah) Uhter
G22 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
G23 Amanda (Grah) Rosentreter
G24 Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Grah) Poertner & Frederick William Poertner, Nov. 1928
G25 Walter “Dee” Goodwin
G26 Ruby (Grah) Roach
G27 Walter “Dee” Goodwin
G28 Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach
G29 Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach
G30 Henry Grah
G31 Hattie E. (Grah) Powell
G32 Gustav August Grah and Emma (Halbach) Grah and Family
G33 Gustav August Grah
G34 Emma (Halbach) Grah & Family
G35 Emma (Halbach) Grah
G36 Emma (Halbach) Grah & Gustav August Grah
G37 William Semon Schaedler & Dorothy Rose (Grah) Schaedler
G38 Gustav August Grah
G39 Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G40 Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Grah) Poertner & Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G41 Ernst Grah
H1 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin
H2 Albert Halbach, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, & David Thomas Jenner. 1948
H3 Albert Halbach & Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach /extended family Dec1940, 50th anniversary
H4 Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Mary Bertha (Halbach) Norfleet, Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, & David Thomas Jenner, 1948
H5 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach & ,Albert Halbach
H6 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, about 1897
H7 Amanda (Muessemeyer) Jordan, Ida Paubel (Halbach) Alt, & Louise Muessemeyer
H8 Ida Paubel (Halbach) Alt
H9 Gerald Halbach
H10 Unknown, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Albert Halbach, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Charles Eugene Schlemper
H11 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin
H12 Albert Halbach
H13 Albert Halbach, about 1866
H14 Albert Halbach, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, plus at far right William Haag. Also mules Pete & Jake. About 1898
H15 William Haag, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schueddig, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Albert Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, about 1900
H16 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, and Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp. December 1940
H17 Albert Halbach & Emilie (Schuedding) Halbach
H18 Albert Halbach Family/50th Aniv Dec, 1940
H19 August Halbach
H20 Albert Halbach & Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
H21 Irvin Elmer Halbach, age 2
H22 Albert Halbach Farmhouse, Wildwood
H23 First Row: Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, Mary (Grosch) Botts, Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, Robert Alvin Kreienkamp. Second Row: Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, about 1934
H24 Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp
H25 Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, about 1916
H26 Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, about 1913
H27 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin
H28 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
H29 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
H30 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
H31 Edna Marie (Schueddig) Bornecque, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach & Albert Halbach
H32 Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Mary Bertha (Halbach) Norfleet, Tom Jenner, & Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner
H33 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin
H34 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
H35 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Walter Goodwin, Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, Tom Davies, Gertrude (Strecker) Davies, Albert Halbach, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Robert Alvin Kreienkamp, Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, Charles Herman Kreienkamp, about 1930, at 523 West Pacific St. Pacific, MO
H36 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach & Albert Halbach
H37 Irvin Elmer Halbach, 1927
H38 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach & Albert Halbach
H39 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp
H40 Elizabeth Maria (Horstman) Holderreith
H41 Lizetta Julia (Halbach) Mueller
H42 Ida Paubel (Halbach) Alt
H43 Wilhelm Mueller & Lizetta Julia (Halbach) Mueller
H44 Edward Wolff & Matilda Theresa(Halbach) Wolff
H45 Edward Wolff & Matilda Theresa (Halbach) Wolff
H46 Dorothy (Hassfurther) Caesar
H47 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
H48 Archie Halbach
H49 Albert Halbach
H50 Claudia (Halbach) Wessell
H51 Charles August Halbach & Minette Belle (Hicks) Halbach
H52 Charles August Halbach, Minette Belle (Hicks) Halbach, Hubert Hicks, and unknown woman
H53 Helen Halbach
H54 Issac N. Hicks & Louise M. (Wilson) Hicks
H55 William Halbach, Helen (Halbach) Chidester, Olive (Halbach) Summerlad, & Celia (Huber) Halbach
H56 Della (Sheerin) Halbach & Edward Halbach
H57 Clara Elise Horstmann
H58 John Herman Horstmann
H59 Anna Maria (Horstmann) Lutz
H60 Sophia Fredericka Horstmann
H61 Louis Holderreith & Elizabeth Maria (Horstmann) Holderreith, May, 1896
H62 Elizabeth Maria (Horstmann) Holderreith
H63 Charles Frederick Horstmann & Katherine (Lutz) Horstmann
H64 Sophia Fredericka Horstmann
H65 Amelia C. Horstmann
H66 Jobst Wilhelm Horstmann
H67 Ida Paubel (Halbach) Alt
H68 Edward Halbach
H69 Irvin Elmer Halbach
H70 Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner & Mary Bertha (Halbach) Norfleet
H71 Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner
H72 Frederika Barbara (Lenz) Halbach
H73 Ulrich Muessemeyer, Amanda (Halbach) Muessemeyer, and Louise Muessemeyer
H74 Alexander Halbach
H75 Elizabeth (Halbach) Strecker
H76 Richard Halbach
H77 Emil Halbach
H78 Albert Halbach
H79 Alexander and Nellie (Hardt) Halbach
H80 Edward Halbach
H82 Frederica (Halbach) Schuester
H83 Matilda Theresa (Halbach) Wolff
H84 Edward Halbach
H85 Emma Haag
H86 Helen Halbach & Orpha A. Chidester
H87 Emilie (Halbach) Lenz & Augustus Lenz, 1900
H88 Johanna Hessler Noonan
H89 Emilie (Halbach) Lenz & Augustus Lenz, 1900
J1 Vaughn Leroy Poertner, June Carole (Jenny) Anderson & Carol Ann (Jenny) Roesler, 1947
J2 Vance Jenny, Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny & June Carol (Jenny) Anderson
J3 Thomas & Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner-Wedding
K1 Jacob Kreienkamp
K2 Elenora Maria (Walker) Kreienkamp
K3 Mena (Kreienkamp) Caesar & Mary Elizabeth (Kreienkamp) Walters @1866
K4 Mary Elizabeth (Kreienkamp) Walters-on left; Nora Graham-center back row; Evelyn Collier-right back row; Elenora Maria (Walker) Kreienkamp
K5 Elenora Maria (Walker) Kreienkamp’s Remembrance
K6 Jobst Heinrich Kreienkamp’s Remembrance
K7 Emma Cornelia Kreienkamp
K8 Mary Elizabeth Kreienkamp
K9 LeRoy William Kreienkamp & George E. Kreienkamp, about 1924
K10 Edward Henry Kreienkamp
K11 August William Kreienkamp, Emma Elizabeth (Hass) Kreienkamp, & Evelyn Claire (Kreienkamp) Beahm
K12 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
K13 Charles Eugene Kreienkamp & James Carl Kreienkamp
K14 Pearl Marie (Gaugh) Kreienkamp & James Carl Kreienkamp
K15 Robert Alvin Kreienkamp
K16 Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, and James Carl Kreienkamp
K17 Charles Eugene Kreienkamp
K19 Robert Alvin Kreienkamp & Charles Eugene Kreienkamp. 1926
K20 Charles Eugene Kreienkamp 1921
K21 Charles Herman Kreienkamp
K22 Eileen (Kreienkamp) Powell with Eldon Powell & Betty Powell
K23 Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp & Charles Herman Kreienkamp
K25 Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, & Charles Eugene Schlemper Nov 21, 1915
K27 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Charles Herman Kreienkamp, & Charles Eugene Schlemper Nov 21, 1915
K28 Herman Kreienkamp & Wilhelmine (Caesar) Kreienkamp
K30 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp Wedding, Dec 24, 1918
K32 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp and James Carl Kreienkamp
K37 August Kreienkamp, 1949-1926
K44 Caroline “Lena” (Kreienkamp) Schaedler
K45 Charles Herman Kreienkamp, 1904
K46 Emma Cornelia Kreienkamp
K50 Charles Herman Kreienkamp
K52 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, 1919
K53 Robert Alvin Kreienkamp & Pacific School class, 1931
K54 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, and Robert Alvin Kreienkamp, Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner & Alice (Goodwin) Jenny
K55 Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, Irvin Elmer Halbach, and Lyndell Grosch
K56 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp
K57 Charles Herman Kreienkamp & Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Albert Halbach & Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, & James Carl Kreienkamp
K58 Ellen Grosch, Mary (Grosch) Botts, Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, Robert Alvin Kreienkamp & Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny. About 1934
K60 Charles Eugene Kreienkamp & Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, November 1936
K61 Christina (Kreienkamp) Rosenbaum
K62 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Broemmelsick
K63 Charles Herman Kreienkamp 1905
K64 William H. “Long Bill” Kreienkamp
K65 Ida Paulina (Kreienkamp) Linz
K66 Anna Maria Engel (Kreienkamp) Potts, Annie (Broch) Hayden, & Emilie (Potts) Broch, about 1900
K67 Emma Kreienkamp, Clara (Kreienkamp) Henson, & Mary (Kreienkamp) Hoffman--triplets
K68 Kreienkamp Store/Melrose Road
K69 Jobst Heinrich Kreienkamp
K70 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, 1911
K71 Dorothy (Brommelsich) Rankin & Ruth (Kreienkamp) Berry, 1922
K72 r1. Dorothy (Brommelsich) Rankin 1925
K72 r2. Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, unknown, unknown, unknown. Row 3. Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill, Irma (Dueser) Britt, Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Dueser
K73 Ruth (Kreienkamp) Berry, Howard Brommelsich, & Dorothy (Brommelsich) Rankin, 1922
K74 Louise (Albrecht) Brommelsich, Dorothy (Brommelsich) Rankin, Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, 1930
K75 Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill, & Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser, 1929
K76 August Broemmelsick & Edna (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich-wedding, 1917. Attendants Otto Jobst Kreienkamp & Elizabeth (Brommelsich) Kreienkamp
K77 Dorothea (Hassfurther) Caesar, about 1875, Melrose, MO
K78 August Broemmelsick & Edna (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, 1917
K79 Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Dueser, Herman Kreienkamp, Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill, Walter Lorenz Kreienkamp, 1904
K80 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, 1898
K81 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, 1905
K82 Herman & Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, 1891
K83 Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, Dorothea (Kreienkamp)Dueser, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, and Lydia Kreienkamp Hill., 1927
K84 Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Dueser, Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, Otto Jobst Kreienkamp, Walter Lorenz Kreienkamp
K85 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Brommelsich, 1906
K86 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Irvin Elmer Halbach, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp, Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach, and Albert Halbach
K87 John Frederich Kreienkamp
K88 Rosa (Kreienkamp) Schmitz
K89 Matilda (Kreienkamp) & Fred Leonard
K90 Annie (Kreienkamp) Rock
K91 Emma Kreienkamp, Mary (Kreienkamp) Hoffman & Clara (Kreienkamp) Henson
K92 Anna Maria (Kreienkamp) Horstmann & William Horstmann
K93 “Ida”, Rosa (Kreienkamp) Schmitz, Bertha Wilhelmine (Schmitz) Day, Louis K. Schmitz, Rudolph Schmitz., & Karl Frederich Schmitz, abt 1895
K94 Rosa (Kreienkamp) Schmitz & Rudolph Schmitz
K95 Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill & August Hill
K96 Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill
K97 John Wilhelm Kreienkamp, Ida Pauline (Kreienkamp) Linz, & Emil Friedrich Wilhelm Kreienkamp
K98 Gerhard Heinrich Kreienkamp
K99 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp, Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah, & Heinrich E. Kreienkamp
K100 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
K101 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
K102 Heinrich E. Kreienkamp
K103 Heinrich E. Kreienkamp
K104 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp, Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah, & Heinrich E. Kreienkamp
K105 Emilie Johanna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Hoffman
K106 Helen Amanda (Kreienkamp) Myers
K107 Edward Henry Kreienkamp
K108 Robert Alvin Kreienkamp, Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny, Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, & Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
K117 Ida Pauline (Kreienkamp) Linz
K135 Ronald Allen Kreienkamp
K165 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Broemmelsick
K166 Grand Army of the Republic, Kreienkamp’s Store
K167 Robert Alvin Kreienkamp
K175 Anna Maria (Kreienkamp) Horstman & Angelica Maria Elizabeth (Kreienkamp) Ramine
K176 Grand Army of the Republic @ Kreienkamp’s Store. “Old Man Klump”, Unknown, Gustav Grauer, Fred Rosenbaum, Mr. Kerschbel, Herman Jaeger, Unknown, Louis Grauer, Fred Retger, Fred Berthold, Charles Schueddig, Sr. (5th from Left.)
K177 John Wilhelm Kreienkamp & Minnie Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp, January 6, 1915
K178 Johann Adam Potts & Anna Maria Engel (Kreienkamp) Potts
K179 Pearl Marie (Gaugh) Kreienkamp, Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, Alvina Alberta (Halbach) Kreienkamp & Charles Herman Kreienkamp, Mrs. Cottrell, Jane Hogan, & Mrs. Hogan. Wedding of Laverne Beahm and August William Kreienkamp, 1951
K180 Mrs. Darling, John Darling, Robert Alvin Kreienkamp, David Darling, Paul Beahm, Alberta Marie (McCallister) Kreienkamp, Anna (Junge) Kreienkamp, George Kreienkamp, and Charles Herman Kreienkamp. At the wedding of August William Kreienkamp and Laverne Beahm. 1951
K181 Dozier School Class, about 1895. Charles Herman Kreienkamp, 2nd Row, Far right
K183 August William Kreienkamp
K184 Elinora Laura Alice (Kreienkamp) Ruede & George Ruede
K185 August Kreienkamp 1849-1926
K186 Hoffman Family. r1: Ethel Mae (Hoffman) Cross, Edward Ernest Hoffman, Emilie Johanna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Hoffman, John Henry Hoffman , Doris Amelia Hoffman
K186 Hoffman Family. r2: Walter Hoffman, Anna Bell (Hoffman) Null, Irene Viola (Hoffman) Schmelz, Helen Marie (Hoffman) Fitzwater, Edna Mae (Hoffman) Schmelz, Clarence Eugene Hoffman
K187 Helen Amanda (Kreienkamp) Myers
K188 Ida Pauline (Kreienkamp) Linz
K189 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
K190 Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper
K191 Alfred Gustav Kreienkamp, Sophia Amalie (Bartold) Kreienkamp, Laura Elizabeth (Mueller) Bartold, & Albert Ludwig Bartold
K192 Caroline (Kreienkamp) Schaedler
K193 George E. Kreienkamp, August William Kreienkamp, Laverne (Beahm) Kreienkamp, & Elinora Laura Alice (Kreienkamp) Ruede. August & Laverne Kreienkamp wedding, 1951
K196 Julius Hardt, Walter Schlemper, Anna Marie (Grauer) Kreienkamp, Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper, Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp
K197 John Wilhelm Kreienkamp & Minne Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp
K198 Joseph Krueger & Judith (Siegrist) Krueger
K199 Minnie Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp, Paul C. Krueger, Bertha (Krueger) Heckwolf, Herman Krueger
K200 Kenneth Leroy Kreienkamp, Lester Earl Kreienkamp, & Clifford Harold Kreienkamp
K201 Lydia (Poertner) Krueger, Unknown, and Herman Krueger
K202 Joseph Krueger, Judith (Siegrist) Krueger, & Minnie Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp
K203 Franz Kajewicz & Julia (Krueger) Kajewicz
K204 Minnie Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp
K205 Paul C. Krueger
K206 Clara Elizabeth (Eichschleger) Kreienkamp
K207 Helen Amanda (Kreienkamp) Myers, Ernst Grah, Unknown, & Edna Johanna Metta (Rosentreter) Stricker
K208 Herman Kreienkamp
K209 Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper
K210 Otto Jobst Kreienkamp, Walter Lorenz Kreienkamp, Herman Kreienkamp, Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Broemmelsick, Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill, Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser, Dorothea (Hassfurther) Caesar, at the Kreienkamp Store, 1897
K211 Edna Leonore (Kreienkamp) Broemmelsick
K212 Heinrich E. & Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp, 1881
K213 Jeanne Leigh (Broemmelsick) Thoma, Howard Broemmelsick, & Judy B. (Broemmelsick) Oakes, 1954
K214 Herman Kreienkamp, 1875
K215 Mena (Kreienkamp) Caesar & Charles Caesar
K216 Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper
K217 Otto Jobst Kreienkamp
K218 Charles Herman Kreienkamp, about 1890
K219 Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper, Wilhelmina (Caesar) Kreienkamp, & Mary Elizabeth (Kreienkamp) Walters, 1904 World’s Fair
K220 Emilie Caesar, Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser, Alma (Schlemper) Alt, , & Lizzie Rhode 1904 World’s Fair
K221 Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser
K222 Heinrich E. Kreienkamp, about 1870
K223 Minnie Lydia (Krueger) Kreienkamp
K224 Joseph Krueger
K225 Bertha (Krueger) Hechwolf
K226 Otto W. Krueger
K227 Charles Eugene Kreienkamp, about 1921
K228 Anna Maria (Kreienkamp) Horstmann
K229 Anna Maria (Kreienkamp) Horstmann
K233 Mena (Kreienkamp) Caesar, Heinrich E. Kreienkamp, & Mary Elizabeth (Kreienkamp) Walters
K234 Jacob Kreienkamp
K235 Selma (Grah)Kreienkamp
K236 Herman Kreienkamp, March 1916
K237 Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser
K238 Dorothea (Kreienkamp) Deuser and Otto Jobst Kreienkamp
K239 Walter Lorenz Kreienkamp & Mina Lydia (Kreienkamp) Hill
K240 John Wilhelm Kreienkamp
K241 GAR Photo at Kreienkamp’s Store
L1 Katharina Louise ""Katharine"" (Lefmann) Landwehr
L2 Wilhelm Heinrich ""Fritz"" Landwehr
L3 Sophie Koelling, Wilhelm Heinrich ""Fritz"" Landwehr, John Henry Edward Landwehr, Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister, Katharina Louise ""Katharine"" (Lefmann) Landwehr, & Julius Fred ""Jule"" Landwehr, about 1894
L4 Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister & Ida (Landwehr) Duerst
L5 Sophie Koelling, Wilhelm Heinrich ""Fritz"" Landwehr, John Henry Edward Landwehr, Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister, Katharina Louise ""Katharine"" (Lefmann) Landwehr, & Julius Fred ""Jule"" Landwehr, about 1894
L6 Anna Maria Ilsabein (Bonsen) Landwehr & Heinrich Guese
L7 Johann Caspar Lefmann & Louise Catharine Elisabeth (Klute) Lefmann
L8 Lavinia Bertha (Lenz) Caesar, Erwin Ruben Lenz, Anna Bertha (Mueller) Lenz (seated,) Roy William Lenz, Hattie Lezetta (Lenz) Deiner
L9 Wilhelm Lutz
L10 William John Lutz
L11 Anna Maria Elizabeth (Lutz) Voigt
L12 Carl F. Lenz, Emilie (Halbach) Lenz, Emma (Lenz) Driver, George Lenz, Rosa (Lenz) Priester, and Augustus Lenz, September 21, 1900
L13 August & Emilie Lenz, 50th Anniversary Party, September 21, 1900
L14 George Lenz, 21 Years old
L15 Carl F. Lenz
L16 August & Emilie (Halbach) Lenz
L17 Emma (Lenz) Driver
L18 Emilie (Halbach) Lenz
L19 Augustus Lenz
L20 Lenz Bar, St. Louis
M3 Earnest Clark McCallister, Andrew Strain, Lonnie Henneman, Champ Hulsey, & Julius Fred Landwehr
M4 Ernest Clark McCallister & Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister-- birthday
M5 Fred Thomas McCallister, Alberta Marie (McCallister) Kreienkamp, Darell Dean McCallister, Gladys Ellen (Tourville) McCallister, Calvin E. McCallister and wife and children, Ernest Donald McCallister and wife and children, Maude Edna McCallister, Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister, and Ernest Clark McCallister. 1931
M6 Maude Edna McCallister, Ernest Donald McCallister, Ernest Clark McCallister, Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister, Calvin E. McCallister, Fred Thomas McCallister, 1931
M7 Ernest Clark McCallister
M8 Ernest Donald McCallister, Calvin E. McCallister, and Maude Edna McCallister, 1901
M9 Unknown. Probably McCallister
M10 John Clark McCallister
M11 Ernest Clark McCallister
M12 Ernest Donald McCallister, 1908
M13 Ernest Donald McCallister, 1966
M14 Fred Thomas McCallister c1912
M15 Pauline L. Mueller
M16 Louise Muessemeyer
M17 1st row: Ernest Clark McCallister, Anna Louise (Landwehr) McCallister, Sharon Lee (Kreienkamp) Babbs. 2nd row: Ronald Allen Kreienkamp, Alberta Marie (McCallister) Kreienkamp, 1951
M18 Wilhelm Mueller
M19 Edward August Mueller & Sophie Adolphina (Albrecht) Mueller, 4 June 1895
M20 Emilie (Mottert) Kreienkamp
M21 Anna Bertha (Mueller) Lenz
M22 Alberta Marie (McCallister) Kreienkamp
M23 Henry Muessemeyer
M24 Anna Bertha (Mueller) Lenz
N2 William J. Niesen, about 1883
N3 Amanda M. (Niesen) Schroeder
O1 Richard Oberlein
P1 Augusta (Paubel) Halbach/ Halbac Goodwin
P2 Vaughn Leroy Poertner, 1946
P3 Frederick William Poertner & Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Grah) Poertner, November 9, 1928, 50th Anniv
P7 Henry Krueger, Nellie (Gaehle) Poertner, Albertha Gaehle, Fred Charles Poertner, Clara Louise (Gaehle) Poertner, April 17, 1921
P8 William John Poertner, Frederick William Poertner, Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Poertner) Rosenbaum, Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Grah) Poertner, August Frank Poertner, Emil Gustave Poertner, George Emil Poertner, and baby Frederick Charles Poertner. Spring, 1895
P9 Wilhelmine Louise (Poertner) Bartold
P10 Wilhelmine Louise (Poertner) Bartold
P11 Lydia (Poertner) Krueger
P12 Raymond Paubel
P13 Walter A. Poertner
P14 Adam Alfred Potts
R1 Alvina (Rahm) Niesen
R2 William Rosentreter
R3 Alvina (Rahm) Niesen
S1 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
S2 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
S3 Ivan Albert Schlemper, Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock, Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis & Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, 1941
S4 Richard Schlemper
S5 Charles Melvin Schlemper & Ivan Albert Schlemper
S6 Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S7 Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S8 Vincent Halbach Schlemper, Aug, 1923
S9 Charles Eugene Schlemper & Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
S10 Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S11 Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S12 Ivan Albert Schlemper
S13 Charles Eugene Schlemper
S14 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper & Charles Eugene Schlemper, June 12, 1912
S15 Charles Schueddig, Sr
S16 Charles Melvin Schlemper, Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock, Ivan Albert Schlemper, & Vincent Halbach Schlemper & Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky
S17 Charles Eugene Schlemper & Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, June 12, 1972. 60th Anniv
S18 Walter Schlemper & Emma Louise (Kreienkamp) Schlemper
S19 Emmanuel Schueddig
S20 Amalia (Schueddig) Muessemeyer & Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein
S21 Charles Melvin Schlemper
S22 Emma (Schueddig) Schlemper, Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein, Charles Schueddig, Jr., Amelia (Schueddig) Muessemeyer, & Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach. Fall, 1939
S23 Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, Unknown, Emelyn Gertrude (Goodwin) Halbach, Mary Bertha (Halbach) Norfleet, Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Vaughn Leroy Poertner, Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock, Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Leola Marie (Krueger) Schlemper, & Ivan Albert Schlemper, 1947
S24 Kevin Lee Davis, Leland Edward Davis & John Charles Davis
S25 Charles Schueddig Jr, and Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein Fall, 1939
S26 Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein Minnie (Wilkenloh) Schueddig, Edna Marie (Schueddig) Bornecque, & Charles Schueddig, Jr., 1939
S27 Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock, Vaughn Leroy Poertner, Ivan Albert Schlemper, Leola Marie (Krueger) Schlemper, & Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis. 1947
S28 Charles Schueddig, Jr. & Minnie (Wilkenloh) Schueddig’s wedding photo
S29 William John Poertner & Rosa Agnes (Schueller) Poertner
S30 Charles Schueller & Charles Franz Schueller, 1888
S31 Twins—Otto Schueller & Hugo Schueller, Caroline (Rahm) Schueller, Emma Henriette (Schueller) Pfeiffer, Amanda Amalia (Schueller) Pfeiffer, Rosa Agnes (Schueller) Poertner, John William Schueller, August William Schueller, Charles Franz Schueller, and Charles William Schueller, 1888
S32 William John Poertner Grocery & Meats. 6401 Chatham, Wellston, Missouri, ca 1919-20. William John Poertner, Louis F. Poertner, Rosa Agnes (Schueller) Poertner, Rosa (Poertner) Seibel, & Mr. Kicker
S33 Clara (Schueller) Poertner
S34 Elizabeth (Sohn) Halbach
S35 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
S36 Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein
S37 Amelia (Schueddig) Muessemeyer
S38 Gertrude (Strecker) Davies
S39 Edna Marie (Schueddig) Bornecque
S40 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Ivan Albert Schlemper, Minister, Leola Marie (Krueger), Schlemper & Kenneth Krueger, September 29, 1946
S41 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
S42 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper & Charles Eugene Schlemper
S43 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper & Charles Eugene Schlemper
S44 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Ethyll (Hoetwohl) Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, & Charles Melvin Schlemper
S45 Charles Eugene Schlemper & Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis
S46 Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Ethyll Hoetwohl, Chalres Melvin Schlemper & Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S47 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Ethyll (Hoetwohl) Schlemper, & Charles Melvin Schlemper
S48 Charles Eugene Schlemper
T1 Charles Tourville & Louise (Stringham) Tourville with grandaughter Clara Tourville
W1 Capt. William Stofsberg
W2 Grand Army of the Republic
W3 Charles Frederick Mueller II
W4 Mueller Farm

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