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Kreienkamp Photo List

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The following “rules” apply to all photos:

1. They show the fullest names possible, e.g. at least two names, middle name(s) when available, plus maiden name in parentheses when known.

2. All persons listed in photos are named from left to right from the viewer’s perspective.

3. The persons named on each photo were taken from the handwriting on the back of the photo, confirmation from a relative, or by comparison with other “known” photos of the subject.

Showing records 386 to 410 of 410.

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S30 Charles Schueller & Charles Franz Schueller, 1888
S31 Twins—Otto Schueller & Hugo Schueller, Caroline (Rahm) Schueller, Emma Henriette (Schueller) Pfeiffer, Amanda Amalia (Schueller) Pfeiffer, Rosa Agnes (Schueller) Poertner, John William Schueller, August William Schueller, Charles Franz Schueller, and Charles William Schueller, 1888
S32 William John Poertner Grocery & Meats. 6401 Chatham, Wellston, Missouri, ca 1919-20. William John Poertner, Louis F. Poertner, Rosa Agnes (Schueller) Poertner, Rosa (Poertner) Seibel, & Mr. Kicker
S33 Clara (Schueller) Poertner
S34 Elizabeth (Sohn) Halbach
S35 Emilie (Schueddig) Halbach
S36 Matilda (Schueddig) Oberlein
S37 Amelia (Schueddig) Muessemeyer
S38 Gertrude (Strecker) Davies
S39 Edna Marie (Schueddig) Bornecque
S40 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Ivan Albert Schlemper, Minister, Leola Marie (Krueger), Schlemper & Kenneth Krueger, September 29, 1946
S41 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper
S42 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper & Charles Eugene Schlemper
S43 Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper & Charles Eugene Schlemper
S44 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Ethyll (Hoetwohl) Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, & Charles Melvin Schlemper
S45 Charles Eugene Schlemper & Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis
S46 Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Ethyll Hoetwohl, Chalres Melvin Schlemper & Helen Lorraine (Schlemper) Musenbrock
S47 Edna Kathryn (Schlemper) Davis, Mary (Shultz) Marchinsky, Charles Eugene Schlemper, Emma Emilie (Halbach) Schlemper, Ethyll (Hoetwohl) Schlemper, & Charles Melvin Schlemper
S48 Charles Eugene Schlemper
T1 Charles Tourville & Louise (Stringham) Tourville with grandaughter Clara Tourville
W1 Capt. William Stofsberg
W2 Grand Army of the Republic
W3 Charles Frederick Mueller II
W4 Mueller Farm

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