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Kreienkamp Photo List

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The following “rules” apply to all photos:

1. They show the fullest names possible, e.g. at least two names, middle name(s) when available, plus maiden name in parentheses when known.

2. All persons listed in photos are named from left to right from the viewer’s perspective.

3. The persons named on each photo were taken from the handwriting on the back of the photo, confirmation from a relative, or by comparison with other “known” photos of the subject.

Showing records 12 to 36 of 410.

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G3 Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G4 Walter “Dee” Goodwin & Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Summer, 1940
G5 Walter “Dee” Goodwin & car. 1928
G6 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Walter “Dee” Goodwin, & Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G7 Alma (Halbach) Goodwin, Walter “Dee” Goodwin, & Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G8 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G9 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny @ 4years, 9 months. July, 1925
G10 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G11 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G12 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny & Dorothy Jean (Halbach) Jenner, 1928
G13 Alice Emilie (Goodwin) Jenny
G14 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
G15 Mary (Grosch) Botts & Husband
G16 Emelyn (Goodwin) Halbach, Winter, 1927
G17 Johanna Maria (Meinert) Grah
G18 Bill Rosentreter & Gustaf Grah
G19 Amanda (Grah) Rosentreter & family
G20 Unknown Grah
G21 Laura Louise (Grah) Uhter
G22 Selma (Grah) Kreienkamp
G23 Amanda (Grah) Rosentreter
G24 Emilie Johanna Wilhelmina (Grah) Poertner & Frederick William Poertner, Nov. 1928
G25 Walter “Dee” Goodwin
G26 Ruby (Grah) Roach
G27 Walter “Dee” Goodwin

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