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Index to St. Louis Burials, Volume 3

This was the third in a four-part series of CD-ROM indexes of burials in St. Louis City and County. The St. Louis Genealogical Society undertook a major project to collect names and burial information of all identifiable interments in every known cemetery in St. Louis city and county. This project has, to date, identified more than 350 cemeteries with a total in excess of 1.4 million burials.

The Data

The information on this CD presented an every-name index to more than 500,000 burials, listing interments in twenty-one cemeteries in St. Louis City and County. Some of the data was obtained from old records, some from walking the cemeteries, and some was provided to the society by the cemetery offices from their electronic records. In some cases (especially in reading information from old tombstones) the data may have been difficult to decipher. In other cases, for example, the name of the deceased may not be known to the cemetery. In these cases, descriptive information has been enclosed in square brackets, such as [child], or [unknown]. If a partial name can be deciphered, it will be represented with underscores, such as "Smi__," or "Abr__?"

Not all cemeteries record information alike. The data from every cemetery is unique. Therefore, some manipulation of the "raw data" was made to place all of the information into a standard format for presentation here. For example, all dates were converted into the "genealogical standard date" form of dd-mmm-yyyy.

Ages (when recorded at all) may be recorded in a variety of ways: 2 hours, 48 hours, 17 weeks, 18 months, etc. These ages were converted into a "years-months-days" form. When the age at death was reported in hours, it was converted to the appropriate number of days; any death less than 24 hours was indexed as "1 day." Sometimes the original age is also recorded in the "notes" field, which is preserved here. Stillborn births were recorded as "0 days."

Please bear in mind that this CD did *not* present original data. This data was transcribed, edited, and re-formatted. Some errors may have occurred along the way. In every case, the researcher is advised to use this index to locate the cemetery of burial and then to contact that cemetery for further information.

Please read the individual cemetery file for further information on each of the cemeteries included here.

Burial CD 3 was published in 2010. Years of death/burial covered varies by cemeteries.

Cemetery Codes

Each burial entry in this index contains a "cemetery code" of the form "X99." That cemetery code is used to identify the location on the society's City/County Cemetery Map available in either Black and White or Color.


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