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Soundex Code

The "correct" spelling of surnames, especially surnames of immigrants, often eluded nineteenth century Americans. The Soundex code was created to group names which sound alike into a single code. The code consists of four characters, the first letter of the surname plus three numbers, coded as follows:

Code Letters
1 B, P, F, V
2 C, S, K, G, J, Q, X, Z
3 D, T
4 L
5 M, N
6 R

Disregard the letters A, E, I, O, U, W, Y, and H.
Double letters should be treated as a single sound.
If a surname does not have three sounding letters, a 0 is used to complete the three-digit code.

Name Letters Coded Soundex Code
Allricht l,r,c A462
Eberhard b,r,r E166
Lee none L000
McDonnell c,d,n M235
McGee c M200
O'Brien b,r,n O165
Schmidt c,m,d S253
Van Lind n,d L530


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